20 Best Jewelry Website Design Inspiration To Build Online Store 2022 (2022)

Are you a retail jeweler, jewelry manufacturer, or vendor? You can make your products shine even brighter when you have a website that will marketyour products effectively. Pick the best jewelry website design in this handpicked collection to serve as your inspiration.

Jewelry is a precious item that significantly denotes prestige, wealth, or power. Typically, it is used to highlight women’s personality, or it could be an exquisite gift in anniversaries, engagements, weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions to make them extraordinary. If you sell the best, shiny, sparkling jewelry, you shouldn’t miss the wonderful opportunities online presence can bring to your business. Undeniably, most people use mobilephones to look for brands on the internet, so building a mobile-first website should be a toppriority. Tons of jewelry themes are available to cater to the market needs. On the other hand, hiring a skilled web developer is also a great choice if you wish to make the website more personalized. Whichever you prefer, a set of jewelry website designs is beneficial.

Discover the wonderful features you should embed to your jewelry websites with this amazing inspiration. You can find useful web elements and be more creative as well. So, get inspired and enjoy!

How to build jewelry website?

Building a jewelry website to showcase and sell your products has never been easier if you have the right tools. All you need is a beautiful jewelry WordPress theme and reliable hosting. For more detailed tips, please read this guide.

Best Jewelry Website Designs


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Are you ready to build a jewelry website fast? Thanks to Aurora, you can make it happen in the snap of a finger.

Without coding and design experience, of course! Plus, Aurora also takes care of the domain and hosting part. What a legend!

The designs and features are ready-made for you to mix and match. You can also sell jewelry online, start a blog, and more. And don’t forget to showcase your boutique’s location on Google Maps.



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Whether you’re a web designer or a jewelry manufacturer, this set of jewelry website designs is essential for you. Gemfields is a world-leading supplier of responsible sources, colored gemstones. A gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal that is ideal to use as jewelry. Its website has a professional and creative design that can inspire every player in this industry. This firm’s informative and interesting video integration is ready to engage visitors in the hero scene. It also embraces the power of white space all over the homepage to manifest comprehensible web elements. Moreover, it also has a nice and creative layout for the news and journal and a sticky header to make branding visible and keep navigation at hand.

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Carlo Barberis

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Jewelry is a great symbol of social or personal status. It could denote affiliation in marriage or membership in certain clubs or groups. Generally, jewelry can also enhance the look of women. Hence, you can find various jewelry brands that compete in the market. If you need inspiration for similar project, this collection is a demand! Here’s Carlo Barberis Jewelry that has an impressive jewelry website design. It’s a jewelry brand with an Italian touch that shares a great passion for nature, beauty, and jewels. The homepage is a fullscreen design with branding, navigation and social icons on it. It uses a slider to transition to other pages of the site and even looks lively and appealing with the GSAP animation. Each page has awesome and creative design too. From parallax effect, smooth slider to animation upon scrolling, they’re altogether exceptional.



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Indeed, jewelry can bring out the best features of men’s and women’s personalities. Consequently, numerous brands emerged in the industry to revamp fashion. Limnia, is another magnificent jewelry website design perfect for inspiration. It offers jewelry crafted from the finest materials and precious stones. It even promises to match your mood no matter where you are. Its website is built with corresponding quality to its products. The homepage is packed with useful elements arranged in an organized manner plus enticing animation via GSAP. The video background empowers the hero scene with a headline and descriptive call-to-action. While it embraces a cool animation, this website’s asymmetrical layout also adds elegance to the overall design.


Leen Heyne

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Regardless of the individual’s motive in wearing jewelry, it is always ideal to use genuine ones to steer clear of allergies. Leen Heyne’s pieces of jewelry are stunningly elegant and precise. Its products look natural as it hammers, folds, draws out, and bends the precious metal to feature several twists. The homepage design is quite simple but manifests elegance with the shades of blue as background color plus attractive jewelry products. It introduces some of its outstanding collections via a smooth slider. As it uses the sticky header, the visitor can easily navigate to other necessary pages, including news, jewelers, and contact. Moreover, this website also uses an awesome side scroll to implement transition. See other features this website can offer.



20 Best Jewelry Website Design Inspiration To Build Online Store 2022 (6)

If you have the best jewelry products to offer, a great website to showcase them shouldn’t be missed. If you’re planning to build a jewelry website soon, this inspiration is indeed useful. Aviva has a super clean and sleek jewelry website design. It’s an eCommerce website that’s ready to shine in the market. Specifically, the products are made of unique materials such as beads, colorful embroidery, and unique fabrics to yield one kind of jewelry. Particularly, the clean website is a bit contrast to the bright and attractive products. Additionally, the design looks contemporary with the GSAP animation added to it. It also uses a sticky header to provide ease in navigation.


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Danielle Draper

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Shopping online is utterly convenient plus a wide selection is apparent compared to the physical store. That’s why many brands adopt this strategy to their businesses. In like manner, the jewelry industry has not ignored such effective strategy. If you need to explore inspiration for jewelry website design, you might spend a few minutes with this collection. Danielle Draper is a multi-award-winning British jewelry designer. She uses recycled gold and silver to make high-quality pieces to stand the test of time. Her ecommerce website is ready to cater to the needs of the shoppers worldwide. Particularly, the hero scene is a grandeur showcase of people wearing her prestigious products using a slider. While the sticky menu is accessible, the jewelry categories also look great and clear with a tile layout.


Creations Namale

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Every brand has a story to tell, and a great website can help each brand to disperse it. In this collection, you can find ample ways to improve your brand, generate more leads and grow your jewelry business. Here’s Creations Namale, a website with a clean and modern design that you may look into. With the owner’s passion for creating jewelry, she created Namale, a Fijian word that means “Unique Jewel.” The homepage has a unique and creative design and looks visually appealing and the branding. It has sleek typography, including a thin menu. Meanwhile, the image transitions this website uses also add to the creativity of the design. The images split in two and move in opposite directions as a user scrolls down.


Lin Shiao Tung

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Lin Shiao Tung is a Chinese artist that believes “Each piece of works encompasses something meaningful”. Additionally, he strongly believes that the best material for expressing Intangible value in arts is jade. In every exquisite piece of jewelry, this artist shares a piece of his own life, transforming cold solid metals into client lines of elegance and beauty. With the desire to reach more audiences and grow the business, an impressive jewelry website design is built and looks more enticing with the GSAP animation. Specifically, the hero scene displays awesome video background, headline, and menu. The user can navigate through the slider on the side or scroll the page. It also integrates a video to introduce the brand more clearly and a mega menu to expand the menu.



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Having a website to spread brand awareness is essential in these modern days. Reaching more people with this medium is proven to be beneficial. Explore this jewelry website design to help you get inspired with your project. Ananta, which means eternity in Sanskrit, is a leader in Thailand’s jewelry and GIA certified Diamond retail industry. The website design is simple but ready to create an excellent shopping experience for jewelry shoppers. The hero scene is a display of various images using a smooth slider. Furthermore, the categories also look great with thumbnails, and CTAs added. It also uses the sticky header to make branding, navigation, and collections visible.



20 Best Jewelry Website Design Inspiration To Build Online Store 2022 (11)

Expand your business as you build a web presence to do the marketing for your brand. Most of the brands have embraced the power and capacity of websites in promoting products and services. Here’s Charriol, a simple jewelry website design that can inspire fellow entrepreneurs. It’s a Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches and fine jewelry. This website has a nice background image on the hero header with the brand’s name and an off-canvas menu. Upon building your website, important tools such as quality images, fonts, color should be ready to represent the brand, layout, and other necessary components.’s name

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Introduce your brand across the web with a stunning website to improve your credibility. If you’re looking for a useful set of jewelry website designs, you might be interested in Mejuri. It’s a magnificent jewelry brand that says “Fine Jewelry For Everyday.” It offers handcrafted, delicate, affordable, and fine jewelry that you can use every day. With the desire to reach more people with their genuine products, Mejuri’s website is awe-inspiring, professional, and minimalist. It welcomes the audience with a smooth slider to highlight the incredible jewelry shots. This eCommerce website embraces the power of visual hierarchy and good typography to make the content more exciting and organized. Like other websites today, it also uses the sticky header to improve customer retention. Other useful features include the mega menu, newsletter, social media icons, and more.


Mable Jewelry

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Let your potential customers browse and discover your jewelry pieces with a gorgeous website to showcase them beautifully. This collection of jewelry website designs will be valuable with that goal in mind. Mable Jewelry offers curated unique silver jewelry pieces at affordable prices. It uses a slider to display images on the hero header and uses square boxes to exhibit catalogs. Additionally, this website showcases a featured product with a social share feature. As testimonials are useful to improve the brand’s credibility, this website displays it in a simple layout. Other useful features are the social media links, Instagram feed, newsletter, and more.


Paris Jewelers

20 Best Jewelry Website Design Inspiration To Build Online Store 2022 (14)

Clean and minimalist designs are truly attractive. By adding gorgeous images, good typography, clean layout, and appropriate white space. Paris Jewelers is a Canadian-owned jewelry business with 28 stores across Canada. It offers a fine selection of quality diamond and gemstone jewelry. With its various stores, a good website can improve the business. It has an outstanding jewelry website design – ample high-quality images, awesome fonts, excellent color combination, etc. With a good website, the shopping experience will be seamless. This eCommerce jewelry website is ready to impress the customers and set an example for fellow jewelry entrepreneurs.



20 Best Jewelry Website Design Inspiration To Build Online Store 2022 (15)

A special occasion calls for special jewelry to enhance one’s look. Consequently, numerous jewelry companies emerge to offer quality products. Hence, every jewelry brand should consider having a web presence to edge the competition. Here’s another minimalist and elegant jewelry website design that you should look into. Pandora is an international Danish jewelry manufacturer and retailer founded in 1982. This brand is known for its customizable charm bracelets, designer rings, necklaces, and watches. Its eCommerce website is loaded with useful elements to exhibit the products well. This website uses a sticky header and mega menu, searching for the right jewelry is pretty quick and easy.


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Aurate New York

20 Best Jewelry Website Design Inspiration To Build Online Store 2022 (16)

Don’t miss exploring these awesome jewelry websites with stunning designs and best to use for inspiration. Here’s Aurate New York, one jewelry brand that looks forward to providing fine jewelry for every woman. Learning the importance of a website to the growth of the business, a good website is crafted to showcase its brand worldwide. Apparently, its website utilizes ample white space to promote readability and comprehension. The homepage is loaded with essential elements such as clear CTAs, high-quality images, high definition video integration, sliders, and more. With a sticky header accessing the shop, blog and account are real quick. Moreover, the bestseller products are distinctive with the use of a nice slider too.


ID Jewelry

20 Best Jewelry Website Design Inspiration To Build Online Store 2022 (17)

Finding the best jewelry today is not as hard as before. With the numerous jewelry brands that embrace digital advancements finding the perfect one is at the tip of one’s finger. Here’s ID Jewelry, a jewelry retailer that offers magnificent engagement rings and other diamond jewelry, including custom pieces. The website is exquisite and spectacular, with a neat and minimalist design. The hero scene highlights images with clear CTAs and headlines using the smooth slider.



20 Best Jewelry Website Design Inspiration To Build Online Store 2022 (18)

Sometimes, being creative in building your website can entice more customers than the simple one. You can be a little creative with the design to make it more effective with jewelry websites. Here’s Chekotin, a jewelry brand that combines personal impressions of beauty, art masterpieces, and emotions. Its jewelry website design is practically grandeur and elegant as it uses the GSAP animation. Specifically, this website implements white space, clear and high-quality images, cool typography, and other innovative features.



20 Best Jewelry Website Design Inspiration To Build Online Store 2022 (19)

Modern designs of jewelry websites are in demand. That’s why we see abundant resources of premium themes and templates to cater to the jewelry industry’s needs. Here’s Alkemistry that offers modern, meaningful, and luxury jewelry. Promises to offer stunning and timeless jewelry to the customers, it embraces the power of digital marketing to promote its brand. Like most eCommerce jewelry sites, Alkemistry utilizes a clean and minimalist design with deep regard to white space. It also integrates the GSAP animation that responds to user interaction. The homepage reveals more of its features with the use of sliders. It also utilizes social media links, a newsletter, and an Instagram feed.


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