ESO Instrumental Triumph Achievement - Musical Instrument Locations (2022)

An Instrumental Triumph is a new achievement in Elder Scrolls Online. It was added in the Greymoor DLC, and you can start it by talking to a particular NPC in the city of Solitude. He’ll inform you about the missing items, and task you with finding all 19 music instruments. The only thing you’ll get by way of directions is a poem that contains hints to the instruments’ hiding places. Once you’ve found them all, you’ll unlock the achievement and get some nice furniture and the warm fuzzy feeling of having restored the Bard’s College to its former glory. If you need help finding them, this guide will show you all 19 Instrumental Triumph musical instrument locations.

Orchestrations quest

In order to start your pursuit, you’ll need to talk to Leiborn at the Bard’s College in Solitude. He’ll tell you about the missing instruments and point you towards the first one, Petraloop, which is being sold at an auction. He’ll give you a disguise that’ll allow you to enter, but you’ll find out the item has already been sold. The auctioneer won’t tell you who he sold it to, but he’ll thell you they were drunk. Look for the only patron that’s staggering, and talk to her. She’ll sell you the lute for 600-odd gold coins – talk to her servant outside and you’ll get the instrument.

Once you return to Leiborn with the lute, he’ll give you Nel’s Hidden Loves, a poem that contains hints that will help you find the remaining 18 instruments. The hints are quite cryptic, so if you don’t want to decipher them yourself, keep reading and we’ll show you all the exact locations.

Lute of Blue Longing location

The Lute of Blue Longing is hidden away in Nchuthnkarst, the public dungeon in Blackreach. It’s the area in the middle of the map, and the entrance is east of the Dusktown wayshrine. Once you’re in, hug the right wall untill you reach the door that leads into Nchuthnkarst Control Room. Cross the big hall and go through the other door, into Nchuthnkarst Complex. Turn right at the first intersections and follow the stairs down. Head to the tower visible in the distance. You’ll find the chest with the loot on a ledge by the eastern staircase.

Chime of The Endless location

You can find the Chime of the Endless in Blackreach, near Greymoor Keep. If you use the Hjalmaarch Great Lift, just head north and follow the bridge to the fortress. When you reach the gate jump down to the right and walk to the edge of the cliff overlooking the lava lake. Look to the right and you should see a ledge with glowing yellow flowers. Drop down there and you’ll find the instrument.

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Tenderclaw location

Tenderclaw can be found in Shadowgreen, a delve in the hills northwest of Solitude. Once inside, hug the right wall, through the first chamber and the tunnels beyond, until you reach a hanging bridge. Cross it, then turn right, towards the waterfall. Shimmy along the ledges and you’ll see a chest glownig on the other side of the river. Cross from the top of the waterfall, and you’ll find the instrument in the chest.

Shadow of Rahjin

You’ll find the shadow of Rahjin in Dragonhome, a delve in the far west of the Western Skyrim map, northwest from the Mor Khazgur wayshrine. Once inside, keep to the left until you reach the main plateau. Go up the stairs to the north-facing altar above the river, and look for a chest next to the pillar on the left.


The Lillytongue harp is also hidden in a delve. The cave in question is called Chillwind Depths, and it can be found in the central part of Western Skyrim, south from the Dragon Bridge wayshrine. When you go in, keep to your left until you reach a low waterfall. There’s a hidden passage next to it, behind the spider webs. You’ll find the instrument in that passage.

Sky-Talker location

The Sky-Talker can be obtained in the Labyrinthian public dungeon, in the southeastern corner of Western Skyrim, southeast of the Morthal wayshrine. Once you’re in, follow the central path to the barrow. You’ll find the instrument inside, next to the outer wall.

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Long Fire

The Long Fire instrument is hidden outside, in the small outpost next to the Dragon Bridge. Teleport to the wayshrine, then turn towards the bridge. You’ll see a guard house next to it. If you go below the guard house, you’ll see the instrument propped up against the wall.

Highmourn Dizi location

You’ll find the Highmourn Dizi in The Scraps, a delve in the Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns area. Starting from the Dwarven Run wayshrine head south and hug the right wall as it turns west. Once you’re inside, go to the chamber with the pond in the northeast, the purple one. You’ll find the instrument in the middle of a bunch of glowing mushrooms.


You can find Jarlsbane on the northern edge of the continent, near the Northern Watch Ritual Site – the big, red, glowing portal thing directly north from Solitude. Once you’re on the cliffs, drop down to the shore and look for a suspicious grotto. You’ll find the instrument on a dock inside, probably forgotten by a band of hasty smugglers.

King Thunder location

King Thunder is a drum you can find in Mor Khazgur, in the west of the Western Skyrim map. There’s a wayshrine right next to the fortress – teleport there and head into the great hall. Turn into the right wing, and you’ll find the drum stashed away among some crates.

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Jahar Fuso’ja

You can get Jahar Fuso’ja from Sword’s Point Watchtower, which is on the northern coast, northwest from the Kilkreath Temple wayshrine. Go into the tower and climb the stairs. You’ll find the instrument in a wooden crate next to the dresser.

Pan Flute of Morachellis Hag-Husband

You can get the Pan Flute from the Blackreach Caverns. Teleport to the Lightless Hollow wayshrine, in the eastern portion of the cave complex, then follow the path leading east, up the hill and through the ravine. You’ll reach a small stream at one point, and if you look to the left, you’ll see a chest glowing from an alcove. The instrument will be in it.

Reman War Drum location

The Reman War Drum is hidden in a crate in the fungus-infested depths of Blackreach. You’ll find it atop a stone spire surrounded by giant mushrooms, east of the Greymoor Keep wayshrine, south of the fortress itself. You’ll have to perform some precise jumps in order to get there.

Ateian Fife

The Ateian Fife is in an abandoned mine shaft in the Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns map. Teleport to the Dusktown wayshrine, then head up the hill and into the cave. Climb the scaffolding until the first intersection, then head left along the wall. You’ll reach a dead end, but if you look to the right, you’ll spot a hole in the wall. Crawl through it to reach the instrument.

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Shriek-of-Silk location

You can find the Shriek-of-Silk at Morthal, the town in the snowy eastern part of the map. Go into Jarl Reddharn’s Hall – the biggest building in town – then climb up the stairs, all the way to the top. You’ll find the instrument atop a wardrobe in the bedroom.

Kothringi Leviathan Bugle

This one is really close to Solitude. It’s hidden in a shipwreck encased in ice, east of the city. Go into the icy wastes and look for a ship snapped in half. The instrument will be in a crate, up on the deck, in the stern. You’ll need to use the stairs inside the ship’s bowels to get there.


The Lodestone lyre can be found in the southwestern part of the Western Skyrim map, near the town of Karthwatch. If you follow the road from the Southern Watch wayshrine, you’ll find it in no time. There’s a windmill on a hill above the town. Head there and look for the instrument under an awning at the back of the mill.

Dozzen Talharpa

The Dozzen Talharpa can be found in the southern part of the map, southwest from Morthal. Follow the river from the town, and when you’re past the island with the enemy camp, go to the eastern bank. You’ll discover a dwemer lift, and in the adjoining chamber a bench with a bunch of stuff, your instrument included.

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How do I get an instrument in eso? ›

Characters in The Elder Scrolls Online can use three "instrument" emotes by typing "/flute", "/lute", or "/drum" in the Chat Box to give the impression that they are playing music. However, there is no music system in The Elder Scrolls Online.

What do you get for completing the Bards College eso? ›

For this achievement, you will have to find several legendary instruments and display them in Solitude Bards College, next to Solitude wayshrine. This achievement is part of Savior of Western Skyrim and will earn you 50 Achievement points, as well as a Music Box, Bard's College furnishing.

Where is the Bards College in western Skyrim? ›

The Bards College is where all bards of Solitude reside. Located south of the Blue Palace, The Antiquarian Circle is located in the building adjacent.

How do you get the endless chime? ›

Chime of The Endless location

When you reach the gate jump down to the right and walk to the edge of the cliff overlooking the lava lake. Look to the right and you should see a ledge with glowing yellow flowers. Drop down there and you'll find the instrument.

Are there instruments in eso? ›

ESO develops, implements and deploys a wide range of instrumentation technologies. In particular: Adaptive Optics: ESO's AO systems (see the infrastructure development list below) are either built in-house or by external consortia.

What is the point of the Bards College? ›

The Bards College is a musical school in Solitude. The Bards College is where any aspiring bard starts his career in tale-telling or song. It is located next door to Proudspire Manor, near the Blue Palace inside the walls of Solitude.

Can you become leader of the Bards College in Skyrim? ›

In fact, the only major factions that don't put you in charge are the main quest factions, the civil war factions (although you can reach the rank of Legate for the Imperials and Stormblade for the Stormcloaks), the Dawnguard, and the Bard's College (which is really just a glorified fantasy MFA program in the first ...

What Questlines should I do first in Skyrim? ›

The Greybeards Questline

The Greybeards quests are part of the early main quest storyline and offer a full Dragonborn shout and access to other shouts early in the game. If players decide to skip over the Greybeards questline, they will likely not get a full shout until much later in the game.

How do you investigate the Bards College? ›

The quest can be initiated by speaking with any of Skyrim's Bards, who are typically located in a city's inn or tavern. The bard will note that they were trained at the Bards College in Solitude and that "wanderers," such as the Dragonborn, should think about applying.

How do you join the Bards College? ›

To join the college, you will need to first travel to the Bards College in Solitude, the tall structure two buildings away from the Blue Palace on the left side of the road. Once you reach the building, you will need to enter and request admission from Viarmo, the headmaster of the college.

Where is Blackreach eso? ›

Blackreach is a multi-zone region in The Elder Scrolls Online, Greymoor and Markarth, comprised of a massive underground system of caves beneath the province of Skyrim.

How do you get Pantea's flute? ›

Find Pantea to find her rather distraught over her stolen flute. Set off for Hob's Fall Cave, a place filled with necromancers and skeleton enemies. Watch out for traps and work on clearing out all the enemies. At the very end, you'll find Pantea's Flute inside a chest.

Can I use lute in Skyrim? ›

The Dragonborn cannot use lutes, but the instruments can be put into their inventory and used as decoration in player homes.

Can I play lute in Skyrim? ›

You can play lutes, flutes and drums for people in taverns, getting gold and a free bed for the night. You can also "perform" anywhere you like to people around you and they pay you.

What instrument would an orc play? ›

War drums are used by the Imperial Legion, Orcs, and the Yokudans. Orcs are known for their penchant for percussion instruments in general. Iron Orcs utilized drums during executions.

Where is the boss in Shadowgreen? ›

The delve boss's chamber is accessible via tunnels in the westernmost corners of the northern and eastern caverns.

Where is Nchuthnkarst eso? ›

Nchuthnkarst is a Dwemer ruin located in Dusktown Cavern in Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns. It contains all manner of exotic enemies which have been transported through time.

What do I do with King Olaf's Verse? ›

Retrieve King Olaf's verse and return to the Bards College. The ghostly Svaknir will open up the sealed passage for you. At this point, you'll need to solve the puzzle, using the Ruby Dragon Claw to complete the solution. (Hint: The correct sequence is on the Claw itself -- inspect it in your inventory.)

Is Bard College prestigious? ›

Bard College is ranked #60 out of 210 National Liberal Arts Colleges. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. See how this school scored on the key indicators used in the rankings.

Who do I give Rjorn's drum to? ›

Return Rjorn's Drum to Giraud at the Bards college to receive the reward: +1 to Two-Handed, One-Handed, Heavy Armor, Smithing, Archery and Block.

Can you marry the leader of the Dark Brotherhood? ›

The Dark Brotherhood will send out Assassins after the Last Dragonborn in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim prior to the Dragonborn joining them. They always carry the Dark Brotherhood Assassin's Note. The Dark Brotherhood Initiates, unlike some other followers, are essential. They can also not be married.

Can you take down the Dark Brotherhood? ›

Destroying the Skyrim Dark Brotherhood

Killing Astrid will initiate “Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!” Note that if you don't kill Astrid here, all the members of the Brotherhood become un-killable. Upon Astrid's death, you'll be directed to inform a guard of what you've done.

Can you improve Fort Dawnguard? ›

Castle Volkihar has only one upgrade, which isn't unique. As for Fort Dawnguard it is upgraded as you go along the DLC quest line, but in the end it's all the same thing.

What is the longest Questline in Skyrim? ›

"Elder Knowledge" is one of the longest main quests in Skyrim. The goal of this mission is to travel into Blackreach and retrieve the Elder Scroll - the ultimate task in an Elder Scrolls game.

What is the funniest quest in Skyrim? ›

By far the funniest quest in the game, the drinking-contest-gone-wrong is one not to miss. The loot is worth it on its own, but the things you do while drunk are absolutely hilarious.

Should I go with Ralof or Hadvar? ›

In the end, it makes no difference. The main differences are what kind of enemies you encounter during the opening quest. If you side with Hadvar, you'll fight your way through Stormcloak rebels. If you side with Ralof, you'll fight your way through Imperial Legionnaires.

How do you play lute? ›

Using your right hand, move your index finger upwards over the lower string in the course to create a sound. Keep moving your index finger in an upward direction to let the sounds resonate. Practice alternating with your right thumb and index finger to produce sound from your lute.

Where is the boss in Shadowgreen? ›

The delve boss's chamber is accessible via tunnels in the westernmost corners of the northern and eastern caverns.

Where is Blackreach eso? ›

Blackreach is a multi-zone region in The Elder Scrolls Online, Greymoor and Markarth, comprised of a massive underground system of caves beneath the province of Skyrim.

Why does no one play the lute? ›

Their early music cousin, the Renaissance Guitar, was popular only in the mid 1500's, in France, then sank away. So, the answer to your question could be, very simply, tastes change. However, lutes are part of a large cohort of instruments, played for hundreds of years, which became more rare at about the same time.

Is the lute difficult? ›

The lute is not an easy instrument to learn on your own. We recommend that you find a teacher to help ensure that you develop healthy and effective technique, as it's much more difficult to correct poor technique than it is to learn it right the first time, and much easier to prevent injuries than to recover from them.

How do you get a lute? ›

If and when you decide to buy, you have two options: to buy a pre-existing instrument, or to commission a new one from a lute maker. Lutes for sale are listed in Lute News magazine, on the Lute Society's website (see Small Ads), and, for the USA, on a website by the LSA of lutes for sale (USA).

What's in Shadowgreen cavern? ›

Blue Mountain Flower, Red Mountain Flower and Purple Mountain Flower are in the cave. You can also find butterflies, as well as various fungus to harvest. At the bottom of the pond you will find a Glass Shield, a potion of ultimate healing and a iron greatsword.

Where is Noster's helmet in Shadowgreen cavern? ›

Retrieve Noster Eagle-Eye's helmet

It will be located in a chest atop the rock formation in the center of the cave.

How do you get into Shadowgreen cavern? ›

It can be reached by facing the widest part of the ledge and using the Whirlwind Sprint dragon shout.

Is there a dragon in Blackreach? ›

Vulthuryol is a dragon found within Blackreach. He can be summoned by using Unrelenting Force on the hanging yellow Dwemer gong within the Silent City. His name in the dragon language means "Dark Overlord Fire".

Which dwemer ruins lead to Blackreach? ›

Blackreach is an immense, naturally lit cavern inhabited by hordes of Falmer and containing the ruins of a Dwemer city. The cavern itself is reached by traversing any of three Dwemer ruins: Alftand (southwest of Winterhold), Mzinchaleft (southwest of Dawnstar), or Raldbthar (west-southwest of Windhelm).

Where is all the Crimson Nirnroot in Blackreach? ›

In Blackreach, there are at least 44 known locations where crimson nirnroot grow, including Sinderion's Field Laboratory, Silent Ruin and the Derelict Pumphouse. Out of the 44, 35 of them can be found in the terrain, and buildings around the edge of the playable area or very close to the edge.


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