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What is Esoteric Healing?

Esoteric Healing is a system of bringing balance and harmony to the energy fields of the body by working with the electromagnetic field of the body, also called the Aura. This energy field surrounds and permeates all living beings. By using the anatomy of the physical body and the Chakra system, with its seven major centers, areas of constriction and blockage are identified and brought into balance. In this way, the healing facilitator helps to restore the individual’s innate ability to bring healing as well as new perceptions and choices into manifestation for themselves. This therapy influences the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the total being. Esoteric Healing integrates beautifully with all other modalities of bringing optimal health and wholeness to the individual.

A Brief History of Esoteric Healing

The word Esoteric means hidden or meant to be found and relates to the level of readiness of the individual to perceive the deeper aspect of the current reality.

Esoteric Healing is a science of healing that utilizes a system of working with the energy field or Aura. It is reproducible, researchable, and teachable. Anyone can learn it and practice it although people have differing skill or aptitude levels. It is not a ‘gift’ but as in all undertakings, Esoteric Healing must be studied and practiced to gain proficiency.

Although eastern teachings have recognized the Chakra system and the importance of energy or Chi flow in the body for a long time these concepts are just beginning to have wider acceptance in the west. This can be seen in the increasing popularity of modalities such as acupuncture, therapeutic touch, and zero balancing that bring balance and optimal flow to the energy field and meridian system of the body.

In the 1960’s a group of about 40 energy healers were working together in a small town on the south coast of England. They were using hands on or contact healing. At a certain point, one member of the group developed etheric or psychic vision. He could see the energy field around the clients, the energy flowing from the hands of the healers and he could see the beneficial changes taking place in the subtle bodies of the clients. He then began to direct the group to ‘tune in’ to the Higher Self/Soul of each patient telepathically, to listen for guidance and to work, not on the physical form, but only in the energy field about 6 to 9 inches from the body.

This man had been a pioneer radar scientist in World War II, he was one of the few at that time who understood radiations and radio waves, so, perhaps for this reason, he began to ‘see’ the 7 major centers and 49 minor centers and to start working with them. The other members couldn’t see the energy field but, as they followed his directions, they gradually began to sense the etheric body with their hands.

One day, an outsider joined the group and, having observed the procedure, exclaimed that it was very similar to what she had read in Alice Bailey’s book, ‘Esoteric Healing’. The name of the outsider was Brenda Selby-Johnston and over the next few years she worked together with the radar scientist and this group to develop the first version of what is now known as Esoteric Healing.

Brenda Selby-Johnston began teaching classes in this new modality in the mid-1970’s in Europe and then came to the US in 1986. The International Health Research Network (IHRN) was founded by Johnston in the 1982 as a teaching group/circle in England. It later became recognized by the Registry of Spiritual Healers in England. In 1993 the organization name was changed to the International Network of Esoteric Healers (INEH) and as of 2008 there were almost 100 teachers around the world. In 20013 the name was changed once again to the International Network of Energy Healers but is still known as the INEH. The INEH is basically a teacher’s group that guides the content and development of Esoteric Healing classes.

In 2007, an osteopathic physician in Lansing Michigan, Dr. Barbara Briner, who had been teaching Esoteric Healing classes since the 1980’s started a sister organization called the National Association for Esoteric Healing (NAEH). This organization was created bring together all students, practitioners and teachers of Esoteric Healing. The NAEH is currently a vibrant and expanding organization offering classes, scholarships, certification, a professional grade journal and networking to all with an interest in Esoteric Healing. A parallel organization called the National Foundation for Esoteric Healing (NFEH) is exploring research in Esoteric Healing.

Training in Esoteric Healing

Training in Esoteric Healing is divided into 4 parts with each class lasting an average of 4 days. All classes are taught using the same syllabus although each teacher uses some of their own material and teaches in their own style. Thus the core essence of the material in parts 1-4 remains the same. Each class is spaced approximately 5-6 months apart to allow the student to integrate and practice the material. Classes are offered both in person or via Zoom. Teachers are available to travel to teach if a student is able to organize a class of students and an appropriate location.

This work provides the scaffolding for the ‘inner’ senses to develop. It gives structure for intuition to develop safely leading to confidence and trust in Soul guidance.

Practitioners learn that inner guidance is there only provide to what is needed to serve the client. This work is not prying or psychic voyeurism and respects that all healing is done in accordance with the Will of the Higher Self/Soul of the client. One popular metaphor is that energy is to the body as gasoline is to the car. Esoteric healing is working on the energy field to make it more available to the vehicle of the body.

Classes are available through NAEH and INEH and class offerings can be viewed at: or


All living beings are composed of energy vibrating at particular frequencies. We have physical energy, emotional energy, mental energy and also Soul and spiritual energies. Each of these energies relates to its own frequency or level which is often referred to as an energy “body”. Thus we say that our emotional energies are carried by an emotional body, and so on. These non-physical aspects of the individual are known as the subtle bodies or aura which some people can see surrounding the physical body.

The physical body is affected by all the subtle bodies and is itself energized by the energy body closest to it field known as the etheric or vital body. The etheric body or field is the first “wave band” of the aura and surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body, outstanding the surface of the body by a distance of up to five inches (12 cm.). The etheric field has the task of receiving energy (prana), assimilating it, and transmitting this same prana to vitalize the physical body. It does this through a fine network of lines of force or channels of energy known as nadis. There are thousands of nadis in the etheric field.

All through the etheric field the nadis circulate energy or prana, and wherever the nadis cross there is an energy center or chakra (a sanskrit word meaning wheel). The nadis of the energy field overlay the nervous system of the physical body, and the prana transmitted to and absorbed by the physical body manifests as vitality.

Where 21 lines of energy or nadis cross there is one of the seven major chakras (named the basic, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, ajna, and crown chakras).

Where 14 nadis cross there is one of the 21 minor chakras.

Where seven nadis cross there is one of the 49 lesser minor chakras.

Where two nadis cross there is one of the over 900 tiny chakras which correspond to the acupuncture points.


Healing sessions are most oftendone remotely, allowing the client to be in their own private space and relax both during the session and after the session with out traveling. Upon request, a session is able to be done in person in Naples, Florida. This is not a hands-on techniques, it is not necessary to be in the same room to receive the desired results. Because we are using the energy of All that Is, it is not necessary to be together to receive a session or to heal. Healing is done through the power of the Universe or God (or by whatever name resonates with you). The energy healing facilitator does just that: facilitates the healing. The practitioner connects with the healing energy of Source and with the higher self of the client and proceeds to follow a learned protocol. Practitioners are trained, certified and licensed to conduct the treatment. This training and certification process takes years of time, study,practice and money.

The treatment does not replace any medical treatment or prescribed medication. Promises or assurances can not be made regarding the healing. Try a session for yourself and you decide if it is helpful. The practitioner can help you decide which healing modality to choose.


Healing is given by Source and is free. The time invested by the practitioner is charged by the hour.One hour and fifteen minutes will provide a comprehensive session for a fee of $170.Each additional fifteen minutes is an additional $25. The minimum time for an Esoteric Healing session isone hour and fifteen minutes. The practitioner will a lot one hour and thirty minutes for your session, should you choose to stay on the phone and have additional conversation about your session,this will be billed at $195 for one hour and thirty minutes. If you think youwill want more time allotted, please notify the practitioner upon booking so that the appropriate time will be put into the schedule. Payment may be made at

***All current physical, emotional, mental, and soul related problems can be found in the energy field but not all problems in the energy field have manifested (yet) into the physical. It is easier to treat a problem and correct an issuewhile it is still in the field but not yet lodged in the physical body. Once an issue (ailment, disease) has presented in the physical body, the mind has a more difficult time believing in an instant healing and the healing can take longer to be realized.


Esoteric Healing, Alice Bailey, published by Lucis Trust

The Chakras and Esoteric Healing, Zachary F. Lansdowne

Esoteric Healing: A Practical Guide Based on the Teachings of the Tibetan in the Works of Alice A. Bailey, Alan Hopking

New Age Healing, Brenda Johnston

Vibrational Medicine, Richard Berber

Hands of Light, Barbara Brennan

Eastern Body, Western Mind, Anodea Judith

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Links National Association for Esoteric Healing, Michigan, US.

All NAEH class listings and resources are available on this website. International Network of Energy Healing, England

This method assesses and treats the human energy field, which forms the exact replica of the physical body. It is the “Electrical System” which vitalizes and controls the physical body.The energy held in each chakra will be discussed along with the organs related to the specific chakra.This information will help individuals to understand their personal health conditions and how they can heal.Illness related to the thyroid, heart, pancreas, stomach, liver, spleen, ovaries, glands, skin, bones, hips, spine, knees, feet, mental and emotional issues will be discussed in relation to the chakra and system as a whole.

Students learn to give energy healing treatments:(to treat others, self and pets)

causes of disease and illness, where and why they lodge in particular areas of the body

  • how the organs relate to the chakras and how accurate diagnosis can occur

  • the relationship of the human body and the 12 chakras

  • the relationship of physical and energy (esoteric) anatomy

  • methods of assessing the energy centers and the different vibratory levels within the energy field

  • specific treatment procedures for energetic blocks and restrictions within the energy field

  • principles of spiritual healing

Upon completion, you will be able to treat yourself and others, including all mammals.These classes are open to anyone interested in learning about principles of spiritual healing and energy anatomy—there are no prerequisites or knowledge of anatomy needed - just an interest to learn and enjoy!!

The Esoteric Healing work is based on the works of Alice A. Bailey and the Tibetan Master, DK.These are referred to as the Ancient Wisdom Teachings.The work began in England and was brought to the USA in the early 1980’s. The Esoteric Healing work is copyright by the International Network for Esoteric Healing and the National Association for Esoteric Healing with permission from Lucis Trust.This is a world- wide training program for the purpose of teaching the skills of energy healing to anyone who is interested in learning the techniques.

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