Esoteric Healing Master Kristi Borst Healing Resonance (2022)

Release for People Experiencing Physical Pain, Emotional Trauma, Depression & Self-Limiting Beliefs, Fears, Anxiety ... Reconnection with Your Wellness and Joy


"My innate healing resonance SOOTHES the emotions, CALMS the mind, EMPOWERS the soul, BALANCES the chakras, and HEALS the physical body." Kristi

Esoteric Healing Master Kristi Borst Healing Resonance (2)In 1953 Alice A. Bailey wrote "Esoteric Healing: A Treatise of the Seven Rays, Volume IV". A few years later I was born, possing the knowledge and abilities of esoteric healing. Yet, my higher-soul path included a journey away from Self (I was told to shut down my gift when I was approximately 3 years old) before I would reconnect with and expand these abilities as an adult (more on the About Kristi page). Today, I am offering esoteric healing ... healing of the astral body, etheric body, denser physical body and mental body from my home in Wells, Maine. I work with clients in-person and from my heart and home to their, regardless of the distance. My abilities transcend not only space, but also time. So, in addition to the one-to-one live sessions, I offer pre-recorded on-demand sessions and group-based healing sessions.

The body's intelligence has the innate ability to self heal. Yet sometimes things go awry ... non-physical aspects of Self can stand in the way of our wellness and joy. Through my heart-centered natural-born abilities, I assist individuals in healing on a physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual level through unconditional love, energy healing, and metaphysical transmutation. We will get to the root cause for dis-ease ... many times this work has assisted those for whom medical approaches offer no resolution.

I connect and work with you through Higher Guidance, cellular memories, Akashic Records, ancestral patterns, self-limiting beLIEfs, stuck traumas, "stories", etc. My "healing resonance" and voice are part of my tool bag, as are my multi-dimensional psychic abilities (clarcognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience), ONEness with healing light and love, and my Universal empathic library card. All of this aids in empowering your physical, mental, and emotional healing and spiritual empowerment.

"I could feel the energy and noticed a great improvement in my lungs. In addition to doing energy work with her hands, Kristi heals with her insights and words. As she spoke to me, some issues from my very early childhood came up. She helped me find a totally new perspective, which I believe healed that long and deep emotional wound I have been carrying for more than 75 years." Joan

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NEW OPPORTUINITY! INSTANT Phone or Chat Session for Healing or Spiritual Guidance

Esoteric Healing Master Kristi Borst Healing Resonance (3)

Esoteric Healing Master Kristi Borst Healing Resonance (4)

On-Demand Call and Chat services FAQs found here.

Whether in-person or connected energetically and by phone/Skype across any distance (distance healing), we work together to identify and release what's holding you back from healing and reset your healing resonance, often immediately. We are a team ... I hold the vibrational space of love and peace, am able to communicate/cooperate with the body systems, and positively affect mind-body-spirit.

My sessions are unique for each individual, with changes so profound that I am calling my offerings Perspective Reboot®. Release physical pain, emotional trauma, karmic debts and ancestral burdens you've been asked (perhaps on an unconscious level) to carry and/or resolve! Awareness = the Power of Choice = the Power to Change. Move to that space of increased Self mastery.

I work on a highly connected, quantum level with what others have called "a healing gift" or healing facilitation. My gift allows others to essentially reconnect to their own healing, balance and wholeness. I had this amazing ability to connect to and cooperate with Universal Source Energy (Love & Wisdom) / The Quantum Field and communicate with the body/mind/spirit as a child. In recent years, I've been trained in a number of energy healing methodologies including Reiki, the Oneness Blessing, Quantum Touch®, and EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Balancing Technique®.

My Perspective Reboot® session work is not about technique, it's about heart, soul, finding any "original wounds" or mis-creations and healing. I am thrilled to be able to help others so profoundly while merely standing in the Light and Love of who I AM.

"Because of the Blocks [Kristi] Removed, It Has Caused an Avalanche of Opportunity to Come My Way ... *" link to full testimonial

Perhaps you don't have long-term concerns and are just seeking relief from stress. While many turn to massage to relax and relieve stress, an integrative energy session will provide relaxation on multiple and deeper layers. During the session, you will reconnect with your own internal sense of calm, balance and centeredness. Maintaining that balance will become easier with repeated sessions ... the work is cumulative.

In-person sessions are not the only option! I have equal success with remote (long-distance) healing sessions in which client is in her/his home and we're connected via telephone or Skype. Even with this separation we are connected, and most clients can feel/sense their energy moving. In fact, many people who have never even been aware of energy can feel the healing sensations. The FAQ page lists some conditions I have assisted others in moving beyond. This list is not exclusive ... I know that anyone who is ready to journey toward healing, supported with this love, can heal. Below is a testimonial from a long-distance session:

~ Shortcuts ~

Esoteric Healing Master Kristi Borst Healing Resonance (7)

Esoteric Healing Master Kristi Borst Healing Resonance (8)

"Thank you, Kristi. My heart feels so much lighter. I wasn't even aware of how much I was holding onto! I feel like I got so much guidance and I'm so grateful!" Shaai

I will help you get back toward balance. Through our work you will understand what self-limiting beliefs and "stories" are causing dis-ease and pain. You will learn to see and choose a better way of BEing for that better version of you you may be seeking. It is at that pont of surrender and awareness that we are open for the greatest accomplishments. I reconnect you to your innate high-frequency Universal Source Energy resonance to jump start your healing, but I cannot predict the outcome. Each person has their own free will and is truly the master of their experience. Biggest thing is, you have to be ready to let go ... also ready to look at those wounded parts of yourself. Together, we will heal them!

This is a team process and you are a key player! While I have witnessed many spontaneous healings, I ask you to consider how entrenched you are in your current situation. How long has your system been out-of-balance? Are you willing to change and let go of that which is no longer serving you? I know the mind/ego will tell you that change is difficult and bring up fear of the unknown, but realize without that fear and internal struggle you'll have more time and energy for light/joy/bliss/love!

I have assisted individuals with severe depression/suicidal thoughts/PTSD to find lightness, in releasing frustration manifesting as back spasms/unexplained cough/pneumonia, in assisting client with healing skin rash covering over 60% of his body, in releasing emotional aspect of COPD (lung capacity went from 60% to near 100%), in eliminating "seasonal allergy" symptoms, in negating bursitis and plantar fasciitis pain, helping release phobias and fears, in removing joint pain for which the only resolution appeared to be surgery, in processing repressed grief, in opening the heart space to enable release of old hurts and allow for greater expression of love and even helping people who have been told that they would not get better or there was no known cause for their pain or dis-ease. The list goes on ... drug free solutions if you are willing to look at and release your own stories of pain in the arms to total and unconditional love.

"You Are the Real Deal" link to full testimonial

NEW OPPORTUINITY! INSTANT Phone or Chat Session for Healing or Spiritual Guidance

Esoteric Healing Master Kristi Borst Healing Resonance (9)

Esoteric Healing Master Kristi Borst Healing Resonance (10)

On-Demand Call and Chat services FAQs found here.

While there is definitely an emotional clearing component to the work that I do, I have also seen pain, Lyme symptoms, COPD, heaviness of limbs, joint discomfort and other physical body issues cease in one session even when the client had no conscious emotional or spiritual ills. It's amazing to me that, in some cases, the change is very rapid ... literally within seconds. [More examples are listed on FAQs page. Treatment is not limited to those mentioned on this site.] This is intuitive, spiritual/ emotional/ mental/ physical healing ... medical intuitive with added ability to help uncover and release the root of the problem or imbalance. For issues which have been held in the physical body for many years, you should plan on multiple sessions. I offer a 3-session jump start package at some cost savings to you.

You can read more about the services I offer and additional information about me and the Healing Resonance I am offering with the links at the top of the page or below. Additional client experiences may be found with the "Testimonials" link.

My heart is open to God/Source and through this, miracles ARE possible! I am offering this connection to help you discover and move toward your Highest and Best! This site includes many free offerings to help empower you toward transformation, plus information on private session work and the on-demand healing audios I offer. What do I offer? Identification of and healing at the root of your dis-ease! Kristi

My gift is helping where other methods have failed. Hope ... happiness ... health! Release chronic physical pain, dis-ease, emotional trauma, past regrets, future fears and embrace love and light! Chakra clearing and balancing, auric work to address karmic debts and ancestral burdens. Reserve your in-person or distance session easily usingmy online calendar here. Powerful Love-Based Healing from my heart to yours.

Esoteric healer mind body spirit energy healer (healing facilitator for astral body, etheric body and dense physical body) offering sessions in Wells, Maine and world-wide via telephone/Skype. Offering a "window to your Soul" and spiritual counseling/clarity for improved wellness and joy! In-person sessions conveniently situated for easy-access for individuals living in the Portland, Maine, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire (NH). My Healing Resonance transcends space and time, so don't hesitate in booking your distance session! Long-distance (remote sessions) are amazingly powerful and are easily facilitated from your home to mine. Higher Soul perspective and assistance is healing root patterns, vibrations, blocks and perceived limitations restricting your wellness and joy.

*Client testimonials conveyed verbally or on the web site do not constitute a warranty, guarantee or prediction of the outcome of an individual using Healing Resonance llc with Kristi Borst. "It is likely that in your session, things blocking natural healing and/or well being will rise to the surface for us to address together. This is a team effort and YOU are a key player!" Kristi Borst

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