Lost Ark Best Summoner Build (2023)

Lost Ark Best Summoner Build - Specialization & Swiftness Summoner Build Guide In Lost Ark

10/10/2022 4:47:12 PM

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Summoner is an upcoming class scheduled for December in Lost Ark. It's a little bit ahead of time but some of you might be interested in playing a Summoner. In this Lost Ark Summoner class guide, we talk about two different Summoner builds that you can play. So that hopefully will help you better prepare for the Summoner release right in terms of maybe getting a couple of accessories, thinking about your engraving books or maybe gems, etc.

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Lost Ark Summoner Build Guide: Skills, Gems, Engravings & Tips

Lost Ark Summoner is a magical range DPS class, magical in more ways than the literal one. As a class we're very self-sufficient, we have access to a self-shield as well. If we want to, we have access to a crit chance self-buff which is a huge asset for the Summoner build, we also have access to several attack power increase self-attack power increase buffs. These buffs we play around them the whole rotation are based on these attack power buffs that we give to ourselves. But to the party, we also provide a 12% increase in damage debuff on the target. In terms of the two best Lost Ark summoner builds, you have one that is based on specialization and another one based on swiftness.

Lost Ark Best Specialization Summoner Build

Specialization for Summoner increases the damage that these ancient skills do. As a Summoner, you have access to your regular 8 skills but you also have access to a selection one at a time of an ancient skill. You juggle in between your ancient skill with a key bind selected by you of course. When you have settled on one, you can press another keybind to cast it. With these ancient skills, you have something for each occasion. Obviously of them, you will most likely never get to use unless you're doing different kinds of content like maybe open-world PVP or Arena PVP. In that case, there are preferences in terms of which ancient skill you would use based on the content that you do.

Spec Summoner Build Skills:

Sticky swamp moss: You place it on targets, this is our party synergy as well and this is something that gives us an attack power buff. We would use this before a major skill like the ancient spear for example or one of our ancient skills.

Steed Charge: This is a beautiful skill. Steed Charge lets you launch enemies in the air with a magical horse.

Ancient Spear: This is a daily graph. We have a lot of these telegraphs that you need to get used to placing on the ground and casting them or clipping them on the ground.

Earth Skill: This is also a telegram. The earth collapse ability allows you to trigger a severe earthquake in the designated area. The talent is so powerful that it may throw foes into the air, where they will suffer damage from the ground below.

The Plant: This is also a self-buff, an attack power buff. Same as the sneaky swamp moist, we would use the flower before a major combo that we're planning to do.

Shruti: This is a salmon, a pet that follows us around and also attacks the targets for some damage. But very importantly, it gives us the crit buff. It can be above level 5 which provides us a 12 crit chance buff just for us. This is absolutely massive and this is mandatory in a build that is based on swiftness as a secondary start or on crit. It also provides the party. This is the one that gives the party 40% mana regeneration. So this should be up all the time regardless if you place swiftness as a secondary for more cooldown reduction or crit and it's a really important skill.

Shredi: This is another telegraph that we cast and it chases the target and it sticks to it wherever it goes. It moves quite slow so if a boss jumps backward instantly then it's going to take some time to chase it.

Electric Storm: This one recovers a lot of gauges we use a well thrown on it as well. The electromagnetic storm it generates does significant harm to the intended site.

Water Spirit: This is another spirit you place it. You have to make sure that you place it facing the target because it just shoots in front. During this skill casts you, we get a really nice mana regeneration above as well just for ourselves. So it's an important skill to cast for that when we run low on main.

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Lost Ark Summoner Skill Routine

Obviously, there are other skills for other occasions that are really nice skills that you can use possibly when you play Summoner in PvP. There's a variety that you can go for and even in terms of the build since we're here you don't necessarily have to play a swiftness crit. You can play specialization swiftness if you feel that a faster pace is better for you. There are also options to change your Engravings to a certain degree. Here we're playing Master Summoner which is the class engraving that deals or buffs the ancient spirits. We're playing the keen blunt, grudge, cursed doll, and hitmaster, but you can also replace hitmaster with adrenaline in case you are giving up some of your crits for swiftness. Then you would have sort of a faster pace build that provides a very similar amount of crit chance. But at the cost of hismaster engraving, because adrenaline also gives you some attack power. All in all, there are some choices even within a specific build such as the specialization one.

Lost Ark SwiftnessSummoner Build

The difference between the two builds is obviously the stats also but more importantly the class engraving. Now we're playing overwhelming sympathy class engraving which deals with our summons. The class engraving increases their damage and the amount of time they persist on the field. Obviously the more they stay there, the more damage they do. So it's a great class engraving for that we play swiftness as the main start and create as a secondary. However, there is a very popular build where you play specialization as a secondary.

The gems have also changed for this build as in we have much more damage gems and much fewer cooldown gems. Because we don't really need that many cooldowns as we play swiftness, plus we don't really use these skills to generate ancient energy. Because of that, we play a little bit differently in terms of gem setup which is important because attack gems are valued higher than the cooldown gems. So this one has more attack gems.

In terms of Engravings though, it's a little bit different there are not so many mainstream Engravings here for example raid Captain is something that you can play around with. We have adrenaline because we really want adrenaline level 3 Keen blunt and grudge.

Swift Summoner Build Skills

Sticky Swamp Moss: As an offensive element, the earth is a powerful weapon. In 0.5 seconds, the Summoner can cast a Swamp Area, dealing 26 Magical Damage over 5 Seconds to nearby opponents. For an additional 2 seconds, the enemy's movement speed is slowed by 60%.

Spirit Rush: Calls out a spectral steed to charge at the target location, doing 149 damage and knocking up those in its path.

Ancient Spear

Water Spirit: The water spirit Aquander is called upon and the caster takes 18 [ice] damage. Within 2 seconds, Akwander will launch a personal attack, dealing 355.9 damage to his foes.

Carnivorous Lily: The caster calls out two carnivorous plants that attack foes for 10 seconds, doing 36 base damage per hit.

Shredi: Calls forth a little faerie of light. It has a 20-second range and will follow its summoner, doing 134 magical damage to surrounding opponents if it is successful in an attack.

Maririn: The caster calls upon Carmacula, protector of the reefs, who assault foes for 20 seconds, doing 153 units of damage.

Paulru: The Summoner unleashes Ignis, a spark that does 114 units of fire damage, at the target location. Inflicts 108 [fire] damage over 15 seconds from a nearby fire elemental.

As you can imagine being AI-controlled units, sometimes they're stupid and there are going to be some funny moments when you wish they were smarter. But it's something that we haven't had so far in the Lost Ark Western version. It's going to bring another element of interest to Lost Ark.

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Is Summoner a good class Lost Ark? ›

Whether you're looking for a martial artist-type approach using Striker or a ranged style using Gunslinger, Lost Ark supports it all. Amongst those various classes is the Summoner. With a bunch of spirits at their disposal, Summoner can be a really powerful class.

Is Summoner a sorceress Lost Ark? ›

When Lost Ark launches in early 2022, the new Sorceress class will be available to players. The Sorceress will replace the previously included Summoner class in our starting class line-up, and the Summoner will instead come to Arkesia at a later date.

Is Summoner DPS or healer? ›

Resurrect Fallen Healers

Besides Red Mage, Summoners are the only DPS class that can resurrect other players. This can make a Summoner immensely important to a party, as they can make the difference between a party wipe or completion of one of the games' many dungeons, raids, or trials.

What is the most overpowered class in Lost Ark? ›

Gunlancer. Gunlancers are the tankiest class in the game, and on top of that they can do amazing damage. The fact that they can support their team makes them incredibly versatile as well.

Are Feral Claws good for Summoner? ›

Feral Claws

This means the player can just hold down the mouse button to continuously use their whip rather than clicking it each time. As a pre-hardmode accessory that can easily be found in the Jungle biome, this is an absolutely necessary item for Summoners to get as soon as possible.

Can you tame a Summoner? ›

Overview. Summoners are non-tameable and mostly serve as guards within Rockwell's Innards, making it hard for players to progress towards the boss fight or when collecting Mutagen.

Does male or female matter Lost Ark? ›

The Martial Artist isn't a gender-locked class in the strictest sense. In Lost Ark, you're free to choose either a male or female character if you're hoping to punch demons into the floor.

What is the strongest Summoner weapon? ›

Terraria: 10 Best Summoner Weapons
  • Queen Spider Staff. One of the few weapons Summoners had before the 1.4 update is the Queen Spider Staff, which summons a Queen Spider sentry and can only be made during hardmode. ...
  • Staff of the Frost Hydra. ...
  • Gelatinous Pillion. ...
  • Snapthorn. ...
  • Spinal Tap. ...
  • Morning Star. ...
  • Dark Harvest. ...
  • Kaleidoscope.
6 Oct 2021

What is the best Summoner loadout? ›

Stardust Armor is the BEST Summoner armor in the entire game, available once you've defeated Moon Lord.
This is the ideal endgame Summoner build:
  • Stardust Dragon Staff, Xeno Staff (there are a couple of other options, too)
  • Stardust Armor, Spooky Armor.
  • Papyrus Scarab, Necromantic Scroll, Pygmy Necklace.
14 Jul 2021

What is the best Summoner? ›

Best Hardmode Summoner Weapons
Pygmy Staff34
Deadly Sphere Staff50
Stardust Dragon Staff40
2 more rows
17 Aug 2021

What's the easiest class to play in Lost Ark? ›

Striker. A striker is a hit-and-run class later in the game, but they start pretty powerful compared to the monsters in Lost Ark. This is an advanced Martial Arts class that is probably the easiest to use.

What is the best 1v1 class in Lost Ark? ›

Best Lost Ark Classes for PVP – Lost Ark PVP Tier List
  • S Tier – Bard, Sorceress, Gunslinger, Berserker.
  • A Tier – Deathblade, Wardancer, Paladin, Striker.
  • B Tier – Scrapper, Soulfist, Deadeye, Shadowhunter.
  • C Tier – Sharpshooter, Artillerist, Gunlancer.
18 Feb 2022

Is Obsidian or bee armor better for Summoner? ›

The DPS Difference used to be 86 DPS But now it is 43 DPS. Still, The Bees win. After all, It makes sense because Bee armor is obtained later in the game.
Obsidian VS Bee armor | Which is better?
Obsidian armorBee armor
Extra Minions+1+2
Minion Damage+43%+23%
Whip Range and Speed+50%+0%
1 more row
15 Oct 2020

Does Power Glove and Feral Claws stack? ›

Terrarian. No you can't.

Is fire gauntlet good for whips? ›

Whips do summoning damage, and so they will not be affected by flasks/fire gauntlet.

Is Summoner a DPS? ›

Summoner is a magical ranged DPS class, that utilizes the power and elemental attunement of various primal and demi-primal summons to wreak havoc on their enemies. This job can be played upon reaching Level 30 as an Arcanist, and equipping their job stone.

Is the Summoner trustworthy? ›

On top of that, the Summoner likes to eat smelly vegetables like onions, garlic, and leeks, so his breath is probably pretty bad. With the Summoner, we do not have a case of an ugly exterior cloaking a beautiful soul: instead, this guy is lecherous, dishonest, and generally unethical.

Is spell speed good for Summoner? ›

As mentioned, Summoner can either run low Spell Speed (2.48 or 2.46 GCD) or high Spell Speed (2.20 or 2.25 GCD). The low Spell Speed/high Critical Hit build tends to be better for most situations, as the spell speed build's effectiveness is more subject to encounter timelines.

Can you marry NPC in Lost Ark? ›

It doesn't have anything like Final Fantasy XIV or even Skyrim's marriage system, no. There is a Rapport system where you can establish bonds with select NPCs, but it's probably not quite in the same vein of what you're looking for.

Is Artillerist gender locked? ›

Gunner advanced classes, for instance, include the artillerist, deadeye, and sharpshooter, which are male, and the gunslinger, a female. The Martial Artist class is balanced the other way: Three advanced classes—the scrapper, soulfist, and wardancer—are female, while only the striker is male.

How many females can a male mate with Ark? ›

A strong male will be able to plow through 6 virgins at once. However he can blast through 18 if they aren't so tight. Your best option is to start you first batch with twice the amount of males to the females.

Which Lost Ark class is best for solo? ›

Lost Ark: 5 Best Solo Classes
  • Berserker (Warrior) Berserkers deal great damage with their swords and a lot of their attacks do stagger damage, which prevents your foes from fighting back. ...
  • Paladin (Warrior) ...
  • Gunslinger (Gunner) ...
  • Striker (Martial Artist) ...
  • Sorceress (Mage)
30 Sept 2022

What is the easiest class in Lost Ark? ›

Striker. A striker is a hit-and-run class later in the game, but they start pretty powerful compared to the monsters in Lost Ark. This is an advanced Martial Arts class that is probably the easiest to use.

Which Lost Ark class should I pick? ›

Often considered the best class in Lost Ark, the Bard is a true master of support. She can heal the team, shield the team, buff the team, and weaken the enemy. If aesthetics are important to you, have a good look at the Bard's music-themed skills as well.

Is Lost Ark fun as a solo player? ›

Lost Ark doesn't restrict players from playing solo, but you should consider a few things before committing to this playstyle. The game can be challenging when alone as you don't have other players assisting you in fights with other classes and abilities.

Is Lost Ark hard solo? ›

Lost Ark lets its players go solo and enjoy the adventure alone. This playstyle might be quite difficult especially if you're just starting out and don't know the mechanics of the game well.

Is Gunlancer or Paladin better? ›

Both are equally fun to play. Gunlancer is dps. Even the combat readness build that would be more of a tank is not the kind of tank we have in other games, the taunt ability is ridiculous, the most you can do is make the boss look at you. But I prefer to play with my gunlancer than my paladin.

Is Max level 50 or 60 in Lost Ark? ›

Many players believe that level 50 is the maximum level in Lost Ark, as that's when you unlock all the end-game content. However, that's not true. The max level is 60.

Which ship is fastest Lost Ark? ›

The Astray boasts the highest speed amongst all the ships in Lost Ark and possesses balanced resistance stats against the various Hazardous Waters. The ship requires quite the investment to craft and upgrade, as well as expensive crewmates to reach its highest potential.

Which ship is the best Lost Ark? ›

We consider the Estoc to be the best ship in Lost Ark because it offers enough resistance to every hazardous water type in the game, It is still faster than most ships and offers ample durability so you don't need to worry about missing out on any content while using and investing your upgrade materials on this ship.

What trade skills pay the most Lost Ark? ›

We would consider Excavating, Foraging, and Mining to be the most profitable trade skills in Lost Ark. Excavating will allow the players to sell relics that can be very profitable and craft maps.

Is gunslinger better than Deadeye? ›

Compared to Gunslingers, Deadeyes are more adept at handling the shotgun, allowing them to inflict twice the damage in melee range. Compared to Deadeyes, Gunslingers have a better set of sniper rifle skills that let them maintain their distance safely.

Can you get married in Lost Ark? ›

It doesn't have anything like Final Fantasy XIV or even Skyrim's marriage system, no. There is a Rapport system where you can establish bonds with select NPCs, but it's probably not quite in the same vein of what you're looking for.

Is Bard better than Paladin Lost Ark? ›

Paladin is better in the early raids because its very simple to get the heals and the dps. Bard is better in the later raids because you can overheal through mechanics and give a better dps buff.


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