Lost Ark Sorceress Guide: Best Builds, Skills, And Engravings (2023)

Here's what you need to know if you're looking at building a spell-slinging glass cannon in Lost Ark.

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The most recent addition to Lost Ark's roster of classes in the Korean version, the Sorceress, was included at launch for players of Smilegate's free-to-play MMORPG in the West. As such, she's been a popular pick for new players looking for a casting-based entry point into the world of Arkesia. She's a hard-hitting DPS that fulfills the fantasy of a spell-slinging glass cannon, a class that lacks defense but packs a huge punch to make up for it.

There are two main ways to build a Sorceress for PVE, each defined by the class' two class-specific engravings. One focuses on delivering some truly massive damage during very specific burst windows (and as a result requires more precise timing and coordination) while the other offers more steady, consistent damage at the cost of forgoing a key Sorceress ability--Arcane Rupture. Figuring out which build to strive for can be a challenge, so this guide will dive into what each class engraving does, which skills complement those engravings, and how to play each build effectively.

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(Video) THE ONLY SORCERESS VIDEO YOU NEED! | *BEST* BUILD GUIDE for Igniter & Reflux! | Lost Ark

Sorceress Igniter Build

If you want to deal as much damage as possible in a small window of time, this is the Sorceress build for you. Revolving around the Igniter class engraving, this build focuses on amping up the class' Arcane Rupture identity ability. As you deal damage, the class identity gauge fills, allowing you to activate Arcane Rupture, boosting damage dealt and reducing skill cooldown times. If activated when the identity gauge is at 100%, this ability becomes even more powerful.

When playing an Igniter Sorceress, you'll want to wait to use Arcane Rupture when it's gauge is at 100% to maximize damage, as your Igniter engraving will further reduce ability cooldowns and increase the crit rate and crit damage of your abilities. You'll want to be using your hardest hitting skills (which also have the longest cooldowns) in conjunction with Arcane Rupture to deal massive amounts of damage. The only downside is your burst windows will often be small depending on the encounter, and should you happen to miss your target, you'll be contributing little to your party's success.

If you're up for a high-risk, high-reward playstyle, below are some of the skills and their corresponding Tripods you'll want to consider using for an Igniter Sorceress. Aside from some key abilities like Doomsday, Explosion, and Punishing Strike, feel free to experiment with whatever abilities fit your playstyle. When it comes to stat priority for gear, focus on accumulating as much Specialization as possible, followed by Crit and Swiftness. You'll want to equip the Igniter engraving (obviously) as well as All-Out Attack (which boosts casting or holding skills) or Grudge (a huge boost to damage dealt at the cost of receiving more damage) to further increase your damage output. Note that upon hitting level 50 you likely won't have all the skill points you need to unlock all three Tripods for each of your selected abilities, so focus first on maxing out your hardest-hitting skills (like Doomsday and Explosion) and go from there.

  • Doomsday - Tripod 1: Ignition, Tripod 2: Asteroid, Tripod 3: Magick Amplification
  • Explosion - Tripod 1: Ignite, Tripod 2: Weakpoint Detection, Tripod 3: Magick Amplification
  • Blaze - Tripod 1: Damage Amplification, Tripod 2: Charged Flame, Tripod 3: Undying Flame
  • Rime Arrow - Tripod 1: Enlightenment, Tripod 2: Piercing Strike, Tripod 3: Ice Pick
  • Esoteric Reaction - Tripod 1: Quick Prep, Tripod 2: Enhanced Strike, Tripod 3: Stabilized Crystal
  • Punishing Strike - Tripod 1: Mind Enhancement, Tripod 2: Electric Discharge, Tripod 3: Magick Amplification
  • Frost's Call - Tripod 1: Enlightenment, Tripod 2: Rule Enhancement, Tripod 3: Enhanced Strike
  • Squall - Tripod 1: Quick Preparation, Tripod 2: Agile Cast, Tripod 3: Personal Preference

Sorceress Reflux Build

Playing a Reflux Sorceress is the opposite of the Igniter playstyle. Instead of saving all of your cooldowns for specific burst windows, you'll be dishing out continual and steady damage throughout the duration of any encounter. While a downside of going the Reflux route is you won't be engaging with your class's Arcane Rupture ability (the Reflux engraving disables it), you do get the added benefit of a small boost to your damage and cooldown reduction at all times. Since you don't have to worry about saving your identity gauge to activate Arcane Torrent, you can also use your Blink ability to your heart's content, giving you more survivability and more options for getting out of harm's way. This is by far an easier playstyle and one more suited for players new to the game and the class.

While many of the skills and engravings you'll be using as a Reflux build are the same as the Igniter, you'll want to change your Tripods away from anything that helps increase your identity gauge and instead prioritize ones that increase damage and crit chance. Instead of focusing primarily on Specialization stats-wise, you'll want to go after Crit first and foremost, with Swiftness as a second priority. When it comes to engravings, make sure to level up the Reflux engraving as quickly as you can and equip it. Like the Igniter, you'll want to grab Grudge as well for a solid damage boost. If you need a little extra crit, Precision Dagger is a solid choice, as is Master of Strikes, which boosts the damage of skills that don't benefit from "front" or "back" attacks (which applies to most Sorceress skills).

  • Blaze - Tripod 1: Damage Amplification, Tripod 2: Flame Explosion, Tripod 3: Undying Flame
  • Elgian's Touch - Tripod 1: Quick Prep, Tripod 2: Swift Footwork, Tripod 3: Personal Preference
  • Seraphic Hail - Tripod 1: Quick Prep, Tripod 2: Evolved Hail, Tripod 3: Red Hail
  • Reverse Gravity - Tripod 1: Wide Angle, Tripod 2: Lava Area, Tripod 3: Weakpoint Detection
  • Punishing Strike - Tripod 1: Mind Enhancement, Tripod 2: Unavoidable Fate, Tripod 3: Magick Amplification
  • Esoteric Reaction - Tripod 1: Quick Preparation, Enhanced Strike, Stabilized Crystal
  • Frost's Call - Tripod 1: Enlightenment, Tripod 2: Rule Enhancement, Tripod 3: Enhanced Strike
  • Rime Arrow - Tripod 1: Quick Preparation, Tripod 2: Piercing Strike, Tripod 3: Ice Pick

Awakening Skills

Sorceress has two Awakening skills to choose from. The first can be unlocked shortly after reaching level 50 and making your way to Vern Castle, while the other can't be unlocked until progressing further in the storyline. Thankfully, the first Awakening skill, Enviska's Might, is a great choice. It deals good damage and has a wide area of effect, making it a consistent and reliable choice.

Sorceress' second Awakening ability, Apocalypse Call, summons meteors from the sky to rain down on the battlefield. While visually impressive and technically capable of dealing more damage overall, the fact that the meteors are fairly spread out means some have a high chance of missing their target. Since Awakening abilities have an extremely long cooldown, most players tend to go with Enviska's Might rather than roll the dice on Apocalypse Call. The choice of which Awakening skill to use with either the Ignitor or Reflux Sorceress build is ultimately up to you.

Curious what Lost Ark class you should pick next? Check out our Lost Ark class guide for some of our recommendations. If you're reaching Lost Ark's endgame, be sure to read up on what you should be doing after hitting level 50, as well as how to earn and upgrade an endgame gear set.

Lost Ark Sorceress Guide: Best Builds, Skills, And Engravings (4)

(Video) Lost Ark - Reflux Sorceress Build Guide - CHEAP & GOOD Sorceress Engravings

Lost Ark


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Lost Ark



What are the best engravings for sorceress Lost Ark? ›

The Engravings for the Sorceress class are Igniter and Reflux, which come with the following bonuses: Igniter soups up the Sorceress's abilities whenever the Arcane Rupture skill is active, lowering normal skill cooldown duration by -50%, while raising Crit rate by up to 25% and Crit damage by up to 50%.

What should I level up as a sorceress in Lost Ark? ›

Prioritize gear with Crit and Specialization for extra damage and clear speed while leveling. Swiftness is good to have but Endurance, Domination, and Expertise are useless stats.

Which awakening skill is best for sorceress Lost Ark? ›

Thankfully, the first Awakening skill, Enviska's Might, is a great choice. It deals good damage and has a wide area of effect, making it a consistent and reliable choice.

Should I play sorceress Lost Ark? ›

The Sorceress is the Summoner's replacement in the EU/NA launch of the game. She's a relatively new class to Lost Ark and comes with some of the most impressive PvE skills we've seen yet - loads of elemental magic and huge AoE attacks make this one of the most satisfying classes to play.

Is reflux or igniter better? ›

Choosing a Playstyle

The Sorceress has to choose between Igniter and Reflux. Igniter is the burst damage option and Reflux is the sustain damage option. Reflux is looked at as the easier option and does a bit less damage but both playstyles are more than viable.

Is specialization good for sorceress? ›

You may benefit from adding some points to Domination as well, but a Reflux Sorceress excels when landing as many critical hits as possible, as often as possible. The least useful stat in this instance is Specialization as it affects your arcane meter build-up and is rendered obsolete when Arcane Rupture is disabled.

How do you play reflux sorc? ›

There are two ways to play Reflux Sorceress. There's a build which uses weaker skills on a lower cooldown to pump out more consistent damage, and one which uses a skillset similar to Igniter except it prioritizes critical damage tripods over identity-related ones.

How do I play sorc in Lost Ark? ›

LOST ARK - Sorceress Crash Course Guide - YouTube

How do you increase skill loss in Ark? ›

All of your Skill Upgrades start at level 1. Despite that, Skill Upgrades can increase in level by the use of Skill Tree Effects. Likewise to Engravings, you can earn Skill Upgrade Levels through gear. Also, starting at Tier 3,you will see gear with Skill Tree Effects that correlate to your character.

Which mage is best in Lost Ark? ›

Sorceresses are one of the best ranged DPS classes in Lost Ark, with massive AoE attacks that devastate packed groups of foes. Each of these subclasses has specific weapons, skills, and engravings for players to utilize while dealing and receiving damage.

What is the best mage class in Lost Ark? ›

The Sorceress is a powerful mage class in Lost Ark and is likely going to be one of the most popular classes in the game during Lost Ark's launch period. It makes sense - her abilities are punchy (with Fire, Ice, and Lightning magic), look great, and she has a lot of viability in PvE and PvP.

What is the easiest class to play in Lost Ark? ›

Striker. A striker is a hit-and-run class later in the game, but they start pretty powerful compared to the monsters in Lost Ark. This is an advanced Martial Arts class that is probably the easiest to use.

Is sorceress difficult Lost Ark? ›

Sorceress can be one of the most complex classes in Lost Ark to play, in addition to one of the most basic. This is entirely up to what Class Engraving you decide to pursue. As a result, this class is a perfect fit for everyone looking to sling some spells.

What is the least played class in Lost Ark? ›

The least played advanced class in Lost Ark is Wardancer, which makes up 2.83% of all characters. Wardancer makes up 17.29% of all characters that are Martial Artists, including both the Female and Male versions of the Martial Artist class.

What is final strike sorceress Lost Ark? ›

A Sorceress' Build in Lost Ark and skill set is mainly composed of spells that harness the power of the elements. Within the current available mage classes, they are the ones who excel in dealing damage in a large area as well as in crowd-controlling mobs.

Where can I get reflux engraving? ›

Engravings may be found on Accessories or can be learned by obtaining Engraving Recipe Books.
  1. Disables Arcane Rupture, but Damage of skills (except awakening and movement skills) +8% and Cooldown -3%. ...
  2. Disables Arcane Rupture, but Damage of skills (except awakening and movement skills) +12% and Cooldown -6%.
25 May 2022

What is an igniter? ›

igniter. / (ɪɡˈnaɪtə) / noun. a person or thing that ignites. a fuse to fire explosive charges.

How does grudge work Lost Ark? ›

Grudge gives the user bonus damage to Boss monsters (scaling with level), but increases their incoming damage by 20%, making it a double-edged sword in Raids and Abyssal Dungeons.

What is specialization Lost Ark? ›

Expertise in Lost Ark refers to how your classes' debuffs affect enemies. This increases any debuff's duration and the damage of stagger effects. It also reduces the duration of debuffs that affect your character.

Is sorceress good for PvP Lost Ark? ›

If you're looking to play more PvP content, or alternatively just want to play a devastating ranged DPS, the Sorceress is for you.

What does Elegians touch do? ›

Magick Protection around the body consumes 330% MP of the proportion of HP consumed when damage is received. MP Recovery -30% when Elegian's Touch is active and MP does not recover for 3s when hit. When the current amount of MP is less than 20%, Elegian's Touch expires.

Is sorceress beginner friendly Lost Ark? ›

Both Of Lost Ark's Mage Subclasses Are Easy For New Players

Lost Ark's Sorceress subclass is a ranged attacker that uses a staff and elemental spells to cast damage, with huge area of effects and crowd control abilities making for a relatively forgiving playstyle.

How do you cancel an animation in sorceress in Lost Ark? ›

After casting Doomsday, there's a very short animation where the Sorceress steps forward that can be cancelled with either spacebar, Rime Arrow, or Punishing Strike.

How do I use Powerpass Lost Ark? ›

How to use the Lost Ark Powerpass
  1. Select the character you want to boost.
  2. Click the yellow button at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Use your Powerpass.
  4. You will then have to complete the “Adventurer's Path” quest, which encompasses levels 10 – 50.
21 Apr 2022

How many skill points Should I Have Lost Ark? ›

Unlocking Skill Points from Leveling

Every character in Lost Ark has a combat level and with each level you will unlock more Skill Points. As such, when reaching level 50, you will have a total of 252 points to work with. Then an additional 60 points as you reach level 60 for a total of 312 Skill Points at max level.

How many skill points do you get per level in Lost Ark? ›

This is obvious, but every level past level 50 also grants Skill Points, a total of 6 per level. This means that just from playing the game and casually leveling to 60 over a long amount of time, players will get an additional 60 Skill Points.

Can you reset your skill points in Lost Ark? ›

Step 1: Open the Combat Skills menu. Press K or select Character in the bottom-right corner. Step 2: In the bottom-left corner of the Combat Skills menu, click Reset. Step 3: To confirm, click OK.

Is reflux sorceress Good Lost Ark? ›

Reflux is the main class engraving. It has no downsides, increases damage output while reducing cooldowns. It locks out Arcane Rupture and Magic Amplification, but those identity skills are not very useful without Specialization anyways.

How do you use the sorceress in Lost Ark? ›

Lost Ark Sorceress Guide (2022) - How to Build a Sorceress - YouTube

How do you get reflux engravings in Lost Ark? ›

Reflux bonus per Level in Lost Ark

In order to Level up Reflux, players need to spend nodes. Each Engraving can be leveled up to Level 3. Each Level requires 5 nodes, so players will need 5 nodes for Level 1, 10 nodes for Level 2 and, finally, 15 nodes for Level 3.

How does grudge work Lost Ark? ›

Grudge gives the user bonus damage to Boss monsters (scaling with level), but increases their incoming damage by 20%, making it a double-edged sword in Raids and Abyssal Dungeons.

What is final strike sorceress Lost Ark? ›

A Sorceress' Build in Lost Ark and skill set is mainly composed of spells that harness the power of the elements. Within the current available mage classes, they are the ones who excel in dealing damage in a large area as well as in crowd-controlling mobs.

How does Final Strike Work Lost Ark? ›

Attacks shoot an upward shockwave, inflicting 35.0% basic skill Damage twice. Pushed foes take +70.0% Damage from this shockwave attack. Changes to combo mode. The 2nd attack inflicts 205.5% Damage.

What is RAID captain Lost Ark? ›

Raid Captain is a combat engraving in Lost Ark.

Is sorceress good for PVP Lost Ark? ›

If you're looking to play more PvP content, or alternatively just want to play a devastating ranged DPS, the Sorceress is for you.

Can you respec in Lost Ark? ›

Rather than obtain a rare item or speak with an NPC, Lost Ark allows players to respec their skill points whenever they want to. It also does not penalize players for trying out something new with their chosen class. It's completely free to respec skill points in Lost Ark, and here's how it is done.

What is Book of coordination Lost Ark? ›

The Book of Coordination is a powerful menu for players to access prior to PVP battles in Lost Ark. Accessing the Book of Coordination allows players to tinker with the specific skills that they will take into the player versus player arena. Different builds for different situations can be saved within the Book.

How do you get blue class engravings? ›

EASY to Get RARE & EPIC Class Engraving Books | Lost Ark - YouTube

Where can I get rare engravings in Lost Ark? ›

Engraving recipes drop as loot or rewards in Lost Ark activities like Chaos Dungeons, Abyssal Dungeons or Guardian Raids, among others. The latter two will actually give you recipes specifically for class engravings, unlike the other activities. So keep that in mind!

How many engravings can you equip? ›

Each character can equip two Engraving — or you can equip the same Engraving twice to access double the nodes.

Should I use grudge? ›

Grudge also reduces your effective HP such that you are forced to use potions earlier in order to stay above fatal HP thresholds. Not using grudge in these cases improves the stability of the party and the likelihood they'll clear. Grudge reduces the number of effective engraving slots you have.

Is raid Captain Good for Berserker? ›

Berserker Engravings

Champion's Tenacity is a perfect fit with Mayhem as it will be permanently active, resulting in a free damage engraving without drawbacks. Cursed Doll are good options to further boost the damage output. Raid Captain is another suitable choice due to movement speed from the buff and Swiftness.

How does cursed doll work Lost Ark? ›

Cursed doll on the other hand adds 16% atk not damage atk aka it increases your attack stat while this is a significant addition as well yes it adds to the damage you would already be doing instead of multiplying it like grudge.


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