Ramadan series for 2022..Syrian drama tops and promises a lot (2023)

Ramadan series for 2022..Syrian drama tops and promises a lot (1)Ramadan series for 2022..Syrian drama tops and promises a lot (2)

With the return of the holy month of Ramadan, questions about Ramadan works that will top the screens for this year return, and as usual, Syrian works and dramas are always at the top of the pyramid.

The participating series will focus on 3 main genres, which are social dramas, comedies and the Levantine environment, and will include a number of works that were postponed last season.

And we'll start with the social works:


Ramadan series for 2022..Syrian drama tops and promises a lot (3)

The work tells the story of two people whose friendship spans more than four decades, and this friendship faces a major test because of their children and the past.

The series is written by Fadi Qushoggi, directed by Bassem Al-Salka, and produced by Imar Al-Sham Company.

Among its heroes: Osama Al Romani, Duraid Laham, Salloum Haddad.

broken bone

Ramadan series for 2022..Syrian drama tops and promises a lot (4)

We are accustomed to the works of the distinguished director Rasha Sharbatji, which simulates reality in a smooth and effective manner, and which returns to Syrian social drama after its absence from this genre for several years.

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The work simulates the current reality, whose events revolve within the Syrian crisis, about the struggle for survival in a time of war between three social classes (the owners of power, money, the middle class and the poor).

The series is written by Ali Moeen Al-Saleh, produced by "Virgin Media", and its heroes are: Karis Bashar, Mahmoud Nasr, Nadine Tahsin Bek.


Ramadan series for 2022..Syrian drama tops and promises a lot (5)

A social and human series that falls within the psychological worlds of its heroes who have been exhausted by successive conflicts and crises in the region, and shows how it led to their downfall in several ways.

Among the heroes of the work: Solaf Fawakherji, Shukran Murtaji, Ghassan Masoud.

It is written by Yamen Al-Hajali and Ali Wajih, directed by Saif Al-Subaie, and produced by Ebla International.

This season will witness the attendance of social works, which were scheduled to be shown last year, but were postponed for various reasons, and the first of these works

"Shade" .

A contemporary romantic series, whose events revolve within a framework of suspense, written by Mahmoud Idris and Zuhair Al Mulla, on an idea by Saif Reda Hamed, directed by Mahmoud Kamel, and produced by Golden Touch Company.

Among its heroes: Jamal Suleiman, Abdel Moneim Amayri, and Canada Hanna.

Interview with Mr. Adam

(Video) Zindagi Aik Paheli Episode 13 - [Eng Sub] - Haroon Shahid - Nimra Khan - 12th Nov 2022 - HAR PAL GEO

Ramadan series for 2022..Syrian drama tops and promises a lot (6)

It is also scheduled to show the second part of an interview with Mr. Adam this season, after he left the Ramadan competition last year, and his story will be a continuation of the events of the first part, which ended with an ambiguous end, and the new part will witness some changes at the level of the actors participating in it, and they are Yazan Khalil ( Substitute for Jane Ismail), Fadia Khattab (substitute for Duha Al-Dibs), Tarif Al-Taqqi (substitute for Yara Qassem).

The work is directed by Fadi Selim, written in collaboration with Shadi Kiwan, and produced by Phoenix Group.

Among its heroes: Ghassan Masoud, Muhammad Al-Ahmad, Rana Shmeis.

The events of the series overcome the atmosphere of action, excitement and mystery, as it begins with a murder, which takes place at a wedding party, and the threads are intertwined, so it is not known who the killer is.

The work was written by Fahd Marei, directed by Ammar Tamim, and produced by Shamiana.

Among its heroes: Joan Khader, Rowad Aliou, Jenny Esber.

As for the works of the Levant Environment that will compete within this season, there are (4) series:

dear choir

This work combines the atmosphere of the Levantine environment and singing, as it revolves mainly around a singing group owned by Aziza,Ramadan series for 2022..Syrian drama tops and promises a lot (7) Its writer Khaldoun Qatlan presents documentary works for different periods of time in the history of Syria.

The series is directed by Tamer Ishaq, produced by Golden Line, and stars: Salloum Haddad, Nisreen Tafesh, Ayman Reda.

Qubba Lane2

(Video) Heartwork - Surah Kahf - 1

The second part of Al-Qubba Alley was completed with the first part, so it is one of the first series that confirmed its presence during the Ramadan 2022 season, and its story will be a continuation of the events of the first part, which ended when the trust box was opened, without revealing what was inside.

The series is written by Osama Kokash, directed by Rasha Sharbatji, and produced by Aaj Company.

Among its heroes: Sulafa Mimar, Khaled Al-Qish, Abbas Al-Nouri.


Ramadan series for 2022..Syrian drama tops and promises a lot (8)

After a lot of controversy sparked by the first part of the Al-Kandoush series, the audience will be on a date with the second part of the work, which many of its makers have stated will be better than the previous part.

The series is written by Hossam Tahsin Bey, directed by Samir Hussein, and produced by MB.

Among its heroes: Ayman Zidan, Sabah Al-Jazaery, Solaf Fawakherji.


Ramadan series for 2022..Syrian drama tops and promises a lot (9)

It is one of the series that was also absent from Ramadan 2021, and its events will be an extension of the first part.

It was written by the late Samir Hazeem, directed by Mohamed Zuhair Ragab, and produced by Qaband Company.

(Video) Wehem - Episode 20 - [𝐂𝐂] - ( Kinza Hashmi & Zaviar Nauman ) - 2nd November 2022 - HUM TV

Among its heroes: the late Zuhair Ramadan, Nadine Khoury, Qassem Malho, and he will witness many changes in terms of the actors participating in it, as Yael Mansour will be an alternative (Yazan Khalil), Fadia Khattab alternative (Maha Al-Masry), Lina Hawarna alternative (Salma Al-Masry), Jamal Qbash alternative (Abdul Hadi Al-Sabbagh).

While the comedies return this year, after their absence from the screen last season, their presence will be shy, and is limited to only two works, namely:

15 . spot light

Ramadan series for 2022..Syrian drama tops and promises a lot (10)

The Spotlight series returns to the Ramadan table this year, after the production of a new part of it stumbled over the past two seasons, and the fourteenth part was attended in Ramadan 2019.

But the return this time will be different, as more than one director will direct the paintings, namely (Rami Diop, Amr Hatem Ali, Majid Al-Khatib, Ward Haider, Ali Al-Muadhin and Muhammad Moradi), with the aim of “promoting a new look and form for the series,” according to what she stated. Sama art company producing work.

The three musketeers

Ramadan series for 2022..Syrian drama tops and promises a lot (11)

This series succeeded in bringing the artist Ayman Zeidan back to the TV comedy after his absence for several years.

The series talks in a comic framework about the suffering of some elderly men, as a result of the economic situation in Syria, so they resort with their families to secure their daily food in different and sometimes twisted ways.

It was written by Mahmoud Al-Jafouri, directed by Ali Al-Moadhin, and produced by the General Organization for Television Production, and its heroes: Ayman Zeidan, Shukran Murtaja, Fadi Sobeih.

The work, which will be directed by Sami Al-Jinadi, is a historical fantasy, in which love stories are the engine of the work events, and it takes place in a city besieged by evil and greed.

(Video) Damascus Time in urdu /Eng subtitles بہ وقتِ شام /islamic movies series اسلامی فلم سیریز

Among its heroes: Salloum Haddad, Nadine Khoury, Mehyar Khaddour.

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