Roblox An Unknown Error Occurred Login [FIXED] (2023)

Roblox Corporation has gone ahead and curated an IP that’s just meant to be fun. Widespread availability on various platforms and a whole ton of different ways to play perfectly sum up this company’s front-running IP. However, when issues such as theRoblox an unknown error occurred login surface, things don’t remain so fun.

Being a live service game that constantly has to stay online, don’t expect things to always go swimmingly with Roblox. A few hiccups here and there can often lead the title to mess up at times, but the good news is that these pertinent problems can almost always be resolved with certain workarounds.

In this guide, we’ll learn the nature of the issue and what different methods have worked across the spectrum for players running into the same login error. Be sure to read until the end to leave here knowledgeably well-equipped.

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What Is The Roblox “An Unknown Error Occurred” Problem?

Roblox An Unknown Error Occurred Login [FIXED] (1)

Although the issue can pop up on any platform regardless, the screenshot that you visualize above has been taken from a mobile phone. The solutions in the next section will cover Roblox for PC as well so do rest assured. Just in case you didn’t know, Roblox is available on all the latest consoles, PC, macOS, Android, and iOS.

As for the nature of what we have here, the “an unknown error occurred please try again Roblox login” issue is nothing but an irksome bother that surfaces due to no solid reason. You’ll just try logging in at any given time only to discover that the game isn’t budging from the log-in point.

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This is, of course, not the least desirable, so you’ll have to take matters into your own two hands to get down to the bottom of the matter. Several players seem to report that they were playing just fine a couple of hours before the problem popped up.

One user even said that they were trying to get the in-game chat to work when it instantly stopped working. Upon logging out, they couldn’t sign back in, thereby leading to the error in question. Now that you’ve been briefed about the scenario, let us waste no further time in digging out the source of the issue and fixing it accordingly.

How To Fix An Unknown Error Occurred Roblox Login Issue

The following is our cherry-picked collection of the best-known fixes that work for the problem at hand. Make sure not to skip any potential solution since you never know what particular solution will work on your end. With that said, do restart your system a couple of times before getting started.

Check Whether Roblox Is Down

Roblox has a dedicated status page on its website that allows players to check out the current status of the game’s online servers. This makes it effortless to be wary of existing issues beforehand so that you can avoid potential hiccups right from the get-go.

Check outRoblox Status and evaluate whether all systems are operational or not. An unknown error occurred please try again Roblox login problemcan also be surfacing due to this very reason.

Reset Your Roblox Password – Definitive Fix

One of the best ways you can get to grips with the “an unknown error occurred please try again login on Roblox” issue is by simply resetting the password that you use to log into the platform. This potential fix can be carried out on any platform—PC or mobile—so choose the one that’s best suited to your convenience.

Illustrating the whole procedure are the following steps that will show you how to reset your Roblox password without breaking a sweat.

  1. The first step is to go to the log-in screen where you’re repeatedly being met with the issue in question. Click on the “Forgot Username or Password” option to get started from here on out.
    Roblox An Unknown Error Occurred Login [FIXED] (2)
  2. After clicking on the aforementioned option, you’ll be taken straight to the password resetting interface of the platform. Here, choose the “Password” option which should be set by default, and proceed toward confirming how you’d like to receive the reset email. You can either opt for an email option or phone number.
    Roblox An Unknown Error Occurred Login [FIXED] (3)
  3. As soon as you enter the credentials required by Roblox, an email will be sent to the provided email address. You’ll even receive a confirmation prompt, looking similar to the one in the screenshot below.
    Roblox An Unknown Error Occurred Login [FIXED] (4)
  4. After you’ve checked your email and clicked on the provided link, you’ll be taken to the following screen. Simply decide what you’re going to set your new password to and click on the “Submit” button to finalize the process.
    Roblox An Unknown Error Occurred Login [FIXED] (5)

That’s a wrap! Now that you’ve successfully set a new Roblox password, go back to the main log-in screen of the platform. Type in your username and newly-created password to finally restore playability and resolve the “an unknown error occurred. Please try again. Roblox login” issue.

(Video) COMPUTER TIPS : HOW TO FIX ROBLOX LOGIN ERROR | An unknown error occurred. Please try again.

However, in case you still haven’t been able to work out a solution, keep on reading to discover what to do next. There are plenty of solutions still left to go, so don’t fret just yet.

Use A Different Internet Browser To Log Into Roblox

Pretty simple and effective. In case you’ve been using Google Chrome to get into Roblox incessantly, it’s high time to try out a different internet browser to confirm whether you can log onto the platform. Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Brave Browser—choose whatever from the swath of different options.

You may as well use Microsoft Edge on your Windows PC if you have it installed. The same goes for any other browsers that already exist on your end, thereby negating the need to install any extra browser. When you’re ready with the secondary web crawler, head over to the official log-in page of Roblox and enter your credentials.

Click on the “Log in” button or press the “Enter” key to attempt connecting to the platform’s online servers. You should be able to get going with the game, now that you’re using another browser to play Roblox potentially. Still, in the case that none of the solutions have worked up until now, keep on reading to try more fixes.

Add Roblox To The List Of Allowed Firewall Apps

Next up, it’s essential to make sure that Roblox isn’t being dismissed from Windows Firewall. That way, you’ll be able to avoid a truckload of issues on your end right from the get-go, not to mention the Roblox an unknown error occurred login issue just as well.

In the case that you’re foggy on how to test whether it is Windows Firewall that isn’t letting the world’s best game launcher breathe in peace, follow the steps given ahead. However, do note that this potential solution only works for the executable Roblox app installed on your PC.

If you’re playing the game through the Chrome browser, please skip to the next section. For now, though, let’s get into the process of allowing an app through the Windows Firewall program.

  1. Your first task is to open the “Firewall and network protection” section of Windows Security on your PC. You can do that by simply searching for it using the Windows Start menu.
    Roblox An Unknown Error Occurred Login [FIXED] (6)
  2. Once done, a new window will launch and it’ll be a part of the Windows Security department, as mentioned earlier. You now have to click on “Allow an app through firewall” to get to the next step.
    Roblox An Unknown Error Occurred Login [FIXED] (7)
  3. You now have to make a couple of clicks in the following window that opens after completing the last step. Click on “Change settings” first to make the “Allow another app” option accessible. Once done, click on the latter and see yourself opening another window.
    Roblox An Unknown Error Occurred Login [FIXED] (8)
  4. A small-scale window will open up just after you complete the next step. This is where you’ll have to click on “Browse” and search your computer for the main Roblox executable file application. From what we can gather, you only have to add a single distinct process of the game to the designated area in this step.
  5. As soon as you have found the Roblox app that needs to be allowed through Firewall, select and add it to the list of inclusive apps. This will take you back to the previous small-scale window where the game file will be listed with a specific name under the “Apps” section. Click on “Add” to allow the game app through Windows Firewall. You’ve made most of the progress completing this step.
    Roblox An Unknown Error Occurred Login [FIXED] (9)
  6. You now just have to go through one more simple step now to finalize the process. Check the box for “Public” and “Private” connections for Windows Firewall on the “Allowed apps” window. You have to do this for the Roblox executable file. Lastly, don’t forget to click on “OK” as soon as you’re done.
    (Video) Roblox Error Fix “Please Confirm your Identity an Unknown Error Occurred”

We’re done here. Now that you’ve finally allowed the game app through Windows Firewall, launch it on your end to see whether it brings favorable results. In the case that you still can’t get the better of the error, try out the next fix we’ve curated for you ahead.

Disable Any Installed Antivirus For Roblox

Turning off the antivirus software, both Windows Defender and any third-party program that you might have installed on your PC is another possible solution to the “an unknown error occurred please try again Roblox login” issue.

A whole swath of users reporting on forums and pages online claims that programs like Avast Antivirus and even Norton Security somehow cause the error code at hand to pop up. Upon disabling the software entirely, the game lets you log in again like a walk in the park.

Therefore, we highly encourage uninstalling any third-party antivirus that you might have installed on your Windows PC. Don’t care for security threats since we’ll only be doing this for a brief while in order to confirm the antivirus program’s link to the issue in question.

Search for “Remove apps and programs”in the Windows Search bar and you’ll get taken straight to the area from where you can uninstall your Windows software. Select the antivirus that you have installed on the system and remove it from the device.

Once done, restart your PC to shut down the Roblox app or the Chrome browser in the case that it’s running still, and refresh the computer. Launch the platform as soon as the PC boots back up to see if the bug exists. Keep up the hustle in case you’re still not able to resolve the matter.

Get In Touch With The Developers

Roblox support is celebrated for its friendly behavior and unflinching professionalism. The representative heads do not take long to get back to your queries, no matter the issue it is that you’re facing.

(Video) How to fix unknown error reset password roblox

There’s even a specialized Contact Uspage that will walk you through whatever you need to enter for the developers to get back to you. Fill out the scenario in detail and also jot down everything you’ve tried to fix the game so far.

As soon as you’re done, wait for the good folks over at Roblox HQ to get back to you. It won’t take them more than a couple of business days to cater to the issue you’re facing. Let us know how it goes in the comments section if you ever get a reply from them.

It’s certainly exhilarating to test what the online-centric platform can do for you, but things do tend to go south every once in a while without prior notice, similar to what you’ve faced with the Roblox an unknown error occurred loginissue. The problem has prevented a hefty ton of players from getting into the title online.

Typically, there are certain reasons the problem occurs, and one of them pertains to official server downtime. In that case, there’s not much you can do except contact the developers of Roblox. Other than that, we’ve outlined all the different strategies you can apply to resolve the matter on your own as quickly as possible.

Do let us know down in the comments section what went down. As always, eXputer wishes you good luck!

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What to do if Roblox won't let you login? ›

Difficulties Logging In

If you're having issues logging in, try the following solutions: Make sure that your device's date and time are set correctly. If they're not correct, update them in your device's settings.

How do I get Robux for free? ›

Unfortunately, unlike a lot of free-to-play games, there aren't any available codes to grant you free Robux. Codes don't really exist in a game like Roblox and the game tends to focus more on getting you to buy Robux rather than simply giving them out. After all, they need to make money to run the game some way.

What does an unknown error occurred mean? ›

The unknown element error is a WebDriver error that occurs when an unspecified error occurs in the driver whilst processing a command. An unknown error will usually be specific to a particular driver, so it's a good idea to read the error message, if any, for an indication of what happened.

How long can Roblox ban your account? ›

1 day ban - 24 hours from the time the moderation was initiated. 3 day ban - 72 hours from the time the moderation was initiated. 7 day ban - 1 week from the time the moderation was initiated. Deletion - The account has been closed and can not automatically be reopened.

Can Roblox ban your account? ›

Roblox accounts that violate the Terms of Use or Community Rules will be blocked. The length of a ban is based on severity.

Can Roblox lock your account? ›

What happens when Account Restrictions are enabled? Enabling Account Restrictions will lock an account's Contact Settings so that no other user can send messages nor chat in-app or in-experience. None of these Contact Settings can be individually adjusted when Account Restrictions are turned on.

What is the error code for being banned on Roblox? ›

What is Error Code 267 in Roblox? This means your account has a temporary ban for trying to play unfairly or hacking the game or – your internet connection might have got interrupted during loading or gameplay – basically, your PC could not connect to the Roblox server.

What is my Roblox username and password? ›

Find username using your email address

Select Forgot Username or Password on the Login page. The page should default to the Forgot My Password tab, you will need to select the Username tab. Enter your email address in the Email box and press the Submit button. You will see a confirmation message.

What error code is 267 Roblox? ›

If you are using the Roblox Player, then there is a high chance that the cause of error code 267 is corrupted files. You will need to uninstall and reinstall it from the official website with the most recent updates and bug fixes.

Do free Robux exist? ›

There is no such thing as free Robux or membership offers, tricks, or codes. If a person, video, website, or game tries to tell you there is one, this is a scam and a violation of our Terms of Use.

How do I send Robux to a friend? ›

Go to Revenue >> Payouts >> One-time Payouts >> Add Payout Recipients. In the username field, enter the name of the recipient/friend you want to give Robux to. The recipient has to be in the group to receive Robux. Enter the amount of Robux you'd like to pay out and click Distribute.

What app is giving free Robux? ›

SwagBucks, InboxDollars, LifePoints, and SurveyVoices are a few examples of popular cash reward apps and sites Roblox players can use to earn free Robux.

What causes unknown error? ›

The error is simple enough to explain: it's the error code you get when the Play Store is interrupted or otherwise confounded by your attempt to download or update an app. It doesn't mean anything terrible has happened or there's anything wrong with your account, it's just one of those things that happens sometimes.

What to do when fortnite says an unexpected error occurred while signing in? ›

Fix Fortnite unexpected error on Xbox Series X/S

Hold the Xbox button down on your controller, then select Restart console > restart. If these don't fix the problem, you can try logging out of your account. Restart Fortnite while logged out. It will then prompt you to sign back in.

How do I fix unknown error on my iPhone? ›

Solutions for 'The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error has occurred (9)'
  1. Install the latest version of iTunes.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Check for updates to your Mac or PC. ...
  4. Try to restore your device using another USB cable.
  5. Try to restore your device on another computer.
  6. Force your device to restart.
19 May 2022

Is Error Code 268 a ban? ›

Don't worry though, you haven't been banned or anything, even though "kicked for unexpected client behavior" sounds worryingly like a ban, you can fix the Error 268 message. On the same screen, type "ipconfig /renew" and hit enter. Then, type in "winsock reset" and hit enter.

Does Roblox IP ban hackers? ›

Yes, however it is reserved for only the most serious offenses. For example, if you exploit in game, you may get banned, but when you exploit Roblox's SERVERS, you most likely will get IP banned. Some other reasons can be for violating federal law, raiding, etc.

Can Roblox unban an account? ›

You can contact the Roblox Appeals team to review the situation if your account has been banned or moderated. The Appeals team will give the moderation a second look and make any necessary adjustments to your account's moderation status. Submitting an appeal does not guarantee your ban will be removed.

What can Roblox ban u for? ›

To encourage this environment, Roblox prohibits:
  • Discrimination, Slurs, and Hate Speech. ...
  • Dating and Romantic Content. ...
  • Profanity. ...
  • Extortion and Blackmail. ...
  • Political Content. ...
  • Real-World Tragic Events. ...
  • Harmful Off-Platform Speech and Behavior. ...
  • Disruptive Audio.
4 Nov 2022

How many 7 day bans until permanent Roblox? ›

You can get banned 3 times before you get a perma bann.

What does 13 Roblox mean? ›

Items with the 13+ tag ( ) in the Avatar Shop are only available to players who are 13 years of age or older. These items cannot be put up for re-sale or trade. Roblox has thousands of items available for players of all ages and you can see or search for them all by clicking here.

What happens if your Roblox account is under 13? ›

If your child has set their age to under 13, Roblox will place them on a restricted chat system automatically. This means that they will only be able to directly message and be messaged by other users who are on their 'Friend' list.

How many warnings until Roblox deletes your account? ›

You get around 5–15 warnings. If you get 16, a ban might occur. You can actually get infinite warnings without bans and terminations! This is very rare.

Why was I randomly banned from Roblox? ›

If you make games about inappropriate actions, you will have a 98% chance that your game will be taken down and will be either warned or banned once the Roblox staff receives a complaint from a user about your game and has been reviewed.

What causes a permanent ban on Roblox? ›

Your account has been banned for Inappropriate Content. Roblox does not permit discriminatory speech, content, or actions based on race or ethnic origin, national origin, religion or religious affiliation, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation. (Your game [GAME TITLE] has been permanently suspended.)

Why did I get kicked out of Roblox? ›

Reasons why Roblox kicks out from games

Slow Internet Speed. Too much crowded server. Issues in Roblox Player. Suspecting any suspicious activity from the account.

What is Roblox's first Username? ›

Admin was the first registered user on Roblox. The user, "Admin" , joined on June 30, 2004, with the ID of 1.

How old is my Roblox account? ›

To find out when your account was created, simply follow these steps: Go to your profile by tapping on Profile in the navigation menu. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Your join date should be listed in the Statistics Box.

Is error 268 permanent? ›

To resolve the problem in this case, you'll need to reinstall the game conventionally. Browser issue – In case you're only seeing the error message while playing from your browser, you should be able to circumvent the error by using the UWP Roblox app instead.

Is error code 267 a perm ban? ›

Error Code 267 means you've been kicked via an admin script that was placed by the game's developer. These scripts can kick you for a multitude of reasons, some of which are beyond your control. In fact, the number one reason error code 267 appears is something that's beyond your control.

How do you get unbanned from a Roblox game? ›

However, Roblox moderation system allows users within 30 days of being banned from submitting an appeal to Roblox support team to review and adjust their account's moderation status without guaranteeing that they will be unbanned after such an appeal. SUBSCRIBE!

Is Roblox error code 268 a ban? ›

Don't worry, it's not some inescapable bug. If you see this message, you're either having issues with your connection or connecting to the system took too long and suspects you of cheating. Here's how to fix your Error 268 problem in Roblox. First things first when it comes to dealing with any tech problem.

What is the scariest error code in Roblox? ›

This is a true story about the Roblox error code 9982. This was an actual event that happened to me, and I wanted to share this with the community to raise awareness about it.

What if Roblox bans you for no reason? ›

You can contact the Roblox Appeals team to review the situation if your account has been banned or moderated. The Appeals team will give the moderation a second look and make any necessary adjustments to your account's moderation status.

Why did Roblox ban my account? ›

A Roblox ban is an account suspension that occurs when a player violates the platform's Terms of Use or Community Standards. However, you may feel you've been unfairly or mistakenly banned, in which case there are ways around this.

What is the 1 horror Roblox game? ›

Dead Silence rather ambitiously bills itself as the "#1 Scariest Game on Roblox", but honestly it's been doing the rounds since 2011, and that sort of staying power speaks to the authenticity of its spook factor.

What does 286 mean in Roblox? ›

You see, this error code means that you do not have enough memory on your device to run the Roblox experience you are looking to play.

What is the most popular error code? ›

Seven most common HTTP error codes and status codes
  • “401 Unauthorized” First on our list of HTTP error codes is 401. ...
  • “404 Not Found” A 404 status code is a common HTTP error code on the internet. ...
  • “500 Internal Server Error” ...
  • “502 Bad Gateway” ...
  • “301 Moved Permanently” ...
  • “302 Found” ...
  • “410 Gone”
6 May 2021


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