V Rising: 10 Best Servants, Ranked (2023)

It might be tempting to go full Vlad in V Rising and do all the work, but it's still a survival game where automation and other menial tasks need to be delegated to servants. Besides, it can get lonely, especially in single-player. Players will want their dominated mortal servants to keep them company if only for a transient moment. But like blood in V Rising, players will have to be picky with their servants.

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The thrall ones are common enough to not matter too much. These are the ones tasked with collecting stuff, mining, and other manual labor. The more special or rarer ones will help players win siege defenses or carry out missions much more successfully. Players will want to hunt for these kinds of servants if they want the best that humanity has to offer to their undead bloodsucking overlords.

Despite some of these servants being relatively rare or difficult to dominate, they can still spawn with random blood quality. Players are advised to aim for the highest blood quality percentage possible when looking for a servant of any kind.

Updated May 24, 2023 by Via Erhard: Gamers can choose from a nice variety of V Rising servants as they embark on their adventures and try to complete their tasks and missions among many other fun things. While it's important to choose a servant with a higher blood quality since they tend to have better abilities and overall stats, players should also consider their own personal playstyle and specific goals when choosing a new servant.

Since each servant in V Rising has specific skills they can help players progress faster and further in the game, but it also means that each player might need help with different kinds of missions and tasks. So building a diverse group of servants can also make the gameplay not only easier but more enjoyable for players of all levels.

10 Militia Brawler

V Rising: 10 Best Servants, Ranked (1)

While there are many fun things to do in V Rising, its world is not without dangers and challenging battles, and Militia Brawler servants can help players make these challenges easier. They're strong and resilient, which means they're more than valuable in combat scenarios.

Thanks to Militia Brawlers' durability, they can effectively absorb enemy attacks and safeguard and protect their companions during dangerous missions. Because of their strength and combat skills, they can also easily defeat multiple opponents at the same time, so they can be especially useful during dangerous group encounters.

9 Rifleman

V Rising: 10 Best Servants, Ranked (2)

Rifleman servants can be especially useful for V Rising players if they're looking for skilled long-range combatants. However, Rifleman not only excel in ranged combat but also in intelligence gathering and tracking, which can be extremely useful for players during their adventures.

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They are the best choice for players who want to make sure that hidden threats are detected and also want to scout hostile territories. Rifleman servants can also be a good choice for players of all levels and styles since they can easily neutralize their targets from a distance even during large-scale battles.

8 Torchbearer

V Rising: 10 Best Servants, Ranked (3)

V Rising is one of the best video games for Dracula fans who not only love spooky games but want to build their own castles and explore a beautifully dark fantasy realm. As players explore the thrilling but often dangerous parts of Vardoran they'll need useful servants like Torchbearers.

They can come in handy when players enter stronghold locations even if they're heavily guarded. However, players can also use them to collect resources from nearby villages or bandit camps as well as to protect their castles from enemy attacks.

7 Stalker

V Rising: 10 Best Servants, Ranked (4)

Since Stalker servants have brute blood type they're one of the most useful ones a player can have. They're not only extremely strong but are also resilient and are especially useful during hunting and combat.

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Since players will encounter all kinds of deadly creatures and other vampires during their adventures they'll need servants who can protect them and can help them defeat these demons and monsters. The Stalkers are one of the best of their kind. They can also be a great choice for beginner players who need more help during combat.

6 Nuns

V Rising: 10 Best Servants, Ranked (5)

They tend to just run around and scream whenever they see players wandering around in villages or assaulting the locals, but that doesn't mean nuns are just fodder. These women of the cloth are most desirable as servants due to their ability to heal other human beings. They can heal the players' grunt servants, which is always a useful ability when under siege or in combat.

For better results, players might want to look for nuns that carry staves around. They tend to have good healing abilities and they have Sacred Resistance, making them good for certain missions. Apart from that, nuns are also efficient looters in the Dunley farmlands, so they'll typically come back with some satisfying resources when sent on missions.

5 Cleric

V Rising: 10 Best Servants, Ranked (6)

Think of nuns except they are better fighters and tend to be tanky, that's the cleric in a nutshell, at least for V Rising. A lot of them spawn with the typical sword and board setup and can be tough to kill as they're inherently tanky. Moreover, they tend to come with packs of footmen and they can buff or heal their comrades while staying on the sidelines.

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For that matter, clerics make for good servants in V Rising. They have a small but adequate selection of spells, as well as equal amounts of physical and spell power, making them also great as all-rounders. It's best to pair them up with footmen or other brute characters in V Rising if players want a self-sustaining army of their own.

4 Priest

V Rising: 10 Best Servants, Ranked (7)

Priests are not as tough as the clerics when it comes to combat but they hold well on their own. Their specialty lies in summoning constructs that will attack players and also send god's wrath down to any target, preferably heathens and heretics. But the times are a-changing and they don't mind working for the spawn of Satan in their quest to dominate human beings.

They do good damage from afar. That means they work well as ranged units once the grunts are tanking enemy attacks during sieges. Plus, they're also good at dealing damage against vampires, so strategically siccing them against other players in multiplayer can work wonders. Players will have to make an extra effort to keep them alive, however, as even the high-quality ones tend to be fragile.

3 Sword Knights

V Rising: 10 Best Servants, Ranked (8)

Players will know these guys when they see them. They're the knight variants in V Rising who carry long, two-handed swords and attack relentlessly like there's no tomorrow. For many players, these guys can be tough to fight in melee range especially if there are multiple of them all attacking from different angles. For that matter, they make for some impressive servants.

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They also tend to appear more commonly compared to other servants. These knight variants usually hang out in big cities, such as Silverlight. Players can go around dominating several of these guys in order to turn them into the vanguard of their mini-army. They function well in missions and if paired with a cleric or nun, they can decimate attackers during a siege.

2 Paladin

V Rising: 10 Best Servants, Ranked (9)

For those looking for something even more menacing and tougher than two-handed sword knights in V Rising, then the paladin is at the top of the food chain when it comes to melee fighters in the game. They walk around equipped with shiny armor and hulking hammers. While they strike a bit slower compared to the sword knights, each hit deals more damage.

Moreover, they have a more dynamic and interesting set of skills and abilities, making them more mobile or capable than mere knights. That's why any player in V Rising will want to dominate just about any paladin they see in the game or keep replacing ones with higher-quality variants. They're the best melee fighters in the game regardless of the circumstances.

1 Lightweaver

V Rising: 10 Best Servants, Ranked (10)

Those annoying, teleporting mages who hang out around Silverlight Hills are the bane of a lot of players in V Rising. They're difficult to kill and likewise, difficult to dominate because of their evasiveness. Still, players will want one in their retinue. Having even just one lightweaver in a castle can dissuade other players from invading it due to the attention and skill required to take them down.

When they're not zipping around, trying to make players waste their spells, lightweavers will unleash their large area attacks that can be hard to dodge, especially if there are several of them. They're not really that tanky, but the teleport ability makes them seem tougher than they should be.

V Rising is currently available on PC.

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