What’s the Difference Between Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition – All The Differences (2022)

Skyrim and Skyrim special edition share only a few differences between them. The key distinction is that the special edition runs on a 64-bit engine rather than a 32-bit engine.

The frames will not drop as much, and there should be improved mod stability.

Personally, I don’t see much of a difference in terms of modifications, except for the fact that you can install modules from the special edition main menu.

Mods work the same on either or for me. Another claim is that they updated the visuals, which they did, albeit in a very unnoticeable way. Side by side, there is a little difference, but not enough to notice while you are too busy trying not to fall off a precipice.

Let’s examine the details!

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What exactly is Skyrim’s special edition?

The Skyrim Special Edition is just a revamped version of the original Skyrim, with fantastic visuals and depths of field. The lighting has been improved, shadows are no longer sluggish, and numerous performance adjustments have been made so that the game now plays at a consistent frame rate with practically no ctd possibilities.

Skyrim’s new version also has enhanced water flow, which appears more natural. It also includes the mod genuine shelter, which allows you to stand beneath a roof and not be affected by rain or snow. You may now download modifications with massive fights, but the game will not crash; instead, it will run smoothly.

Do modifications for Skyrim function on the special edition?

Some will, while others will not.

Most easy mods should work right away, however, you need to use the Special Edition Creation Kit to re-export any ESP documents in the Special Edition format. Art assets function great in general, but you may change them to achieve greater efficiency under Special Edition. Anything that makes use of SKSE plugins will need to be ported.

Is Skyrim preferable on the PS5 or the PC?

It all depends on your preferences. If you play on a PS5 and want to experiment with modifying, your options are extremely limited because Sony generally doesn’t offer too much variety. If you play on PS5, the Anniversary Edition may be a possibility for you.

On the PC, the mode selection is vastly better, and applications like LOOT and Wyre Bash can manage your load order for you, saving you a lot of trouble.

Is Skyrim’s regular edition still worthwhile?

Regular Skyrim on PC has been outdated for years. Legendary is a discounted package of all DLCs, which by itself makes it significantly superior to original Skyrim while being more expensive upfront.

Furthermore, many modifications require all 3 expansions to function properly, rendering normal Skyrim even more useless.

Finally, possessing all DLCs on PC entitles you to a free update to the Special Edition, which really is worth it simply for the 64-bit update. This implies Skyrim will indeed be able to utilize more than 4GB of RAM, resulting in fewer crashes and smoother gameplay,

BUT, if you’re talking about the console, for starters, it’s not free if you do have the DLC. Given that the Special Edition includes all DLC as well as a slew of graphics upgrades and, most significantly, modifications.

Is it reasonable to get the Skyrim Special Edition on Xbox One?

If you truly like Skyrim, are tired of the vanilla game, and don’t have a laptop that can run Skyrim, then yes, the special edition is worth purchasing.

The modifications help to add a lot more material and hours of enjoyment to the games, but you must be careful whatever mods you choose. You could be a god with some OP mod, but that gets old fast. Mods can also cause games to crash based on how they interact with one another.

Ultimately, if you have a machine capable of running Skyrim, simply get it there instead.

On PC, you’d have access to a lot more modifications thanks to Nexus Mods and SKSE, so it’s a lot better.

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What’s the distinction between Skyrim Legendary Edition and Skyrim Special Edition?

Skyrim Legendary Edition differs from Skyrim Special Edition in several important ways.

Skyrim LE was only available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. It was essentially the base game with three major DLCs published for it: Hearthfire, Dragonborn, and Dawnguard.

Skyrim SE was created so that Skyrim could be played on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In addition, Bethesda improved the visuals, which looked great at the moment.

Skyrim SE was also made available with mod support.

Regrettably, modifications for the PS4 were restricted to 5GB and 2.5 GB.

SE was subsequently published on the Nintendo Switch, however, it does not enable mods.

Is Skyrim Legendary Edition a good investment – why or why not?

It depends on whether you can handle it and use followers. Friendly NPCs also benefit from damage reduction, in order to be more effective at a greater level of difficulty.

Otherwise, it makes no difference. Particularly if you employ the alchemy-restoration-enchanting loop to obtain incredibly strong weapons.

Then it makes no difference if you slay a Legendary Dragon with 100 times overkill or merely 5 times.

In Skyrim, what does Legendary difficulty do?

Honestly, not much.

Legendary, at its most basic, decreases the amount of mage you deal by 25% while raising the number of damage adversaries do by 300%.

This … has a few consequences.

The weapon, blocking, and armor skills level much more quickly. Armor and blocking skills are leveled depending on the base damage of the weapon that strikes you, whereas weapons are leveled depending on the base damage of the weapons that hits you. Because foes are striking harder and you are needing to attack them harder, you are collecting more experience every fight.

At a low level, archery becomes almost ineffective. Because it takes a lot more arrows to kill each opponent, you’ll have to spend a lot of resources (money, crafting materials, time, etc.) to replace the 10 – 15 arrows you’ll need to shoot at each monster. And forget about making a living as a hunter.

Bouts go much longer without being any more difficult in terms of player ability. As you wade from one protracted combat to the next, the game becomes a tedious grind. Enemies aren’t any tougher; they’re simply a lot more squishy.

Final thoughts

If you’re a PC gamer, here’s what you need to know:

Do you care about considerably improved mod support (32 bit to 64 architecture) and the new frontiers it will open up?

If you want to play on a console,

Do you care about being able to install a few (even fewer on PS4) modifications from the shop to your game to make it more entertaining?

If you said yes to either of these questions, Skyrim: Special Edition is the game for you!

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